Erectile dysfunction can occur in any man, at any age. It is also known as "impotence", which is not maintaining or not having a hard erection that is suitable for sexual relationships.

It is common for a large proportion of the male population to experience this at a certain age. But sometimes this disease appears to manifest itself at a young age when there is no risk of these problems occurring.

It can happen for various reasons and causes. The fact is that the male sex drive depends on a number of factors, such as hormones, emotions, nerves, veins and muscles, and therefore this condition can arise from all of these factors. There have modern erectile dysfunction treatment but first of all, we need to know the causes.

Below are some of the reasons and causes of erectile dysfunction in most men suggested by

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Heart disease:

Heart disease is one of the real causes of erectile dysfunction. It is undeniable that the heart delivers blood to every part of our body. It collects blood from its channels, cleans it and then transports it through the veins to the whole body.

It is also clear that the health of our body's organs depends to a large extent on the best possible and constant blood supply. If this blood does not get into an organ properly, it stops working.

If a person has heart disease, their heart will almost certainly not deliver the required amount of blood to various organs in the body. There is also a good chance that your penis is not getting the best possible amount of blood it needs, and this is how the erectile dysfunction develops.

2. High cholesterol:

Another important reason for erectile dysfunction is the high cholesterol level. It is a condition in which your body begins to collect a large amount of fat in different parts of the body. It also forms fat in the veins, which in turn causes problems with the blood flow to the various organs of the body. Sometimes it can form a clot in the blood vessels that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

In this situation, there is a good chance that your penis will not get enough blood in the time required. This has a major impact on the functionality of the organ and can be the cause of an erectile dysfunction or the symptoms of an erectile dysfunction.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is another major cause of erectile dysfunction. It has a profound effect on the blood flow to your penis and the damage to the nerves that cause your penis to be erected.

If you feel sexually aroused, a reasonable amount of nitric oxide is released into your circulation. This nitric oxide causes the muscles and veins of your penis to relax so that more blood can be pumped into your penis, giving you a harder erection.

If you are dealing with diabetes, you are probably in trouble. The sugar level in your circulatory system fluctuates constantly, especially if your diabetes is not easy to stabilize. Their sugar content is extremely high, which leads to a lower release of nitrogen monoxide. As a result, your penis will not get the right amount of blood needed to maintain or maintain a harder erection.

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