The Central of African Republic is situated in the Central Africa.The Central African Republic was bordered by Chad in to the north side, bordered by Sudan in to the north east,and bordered by South Sudan in the east, and surrounded by Republic of the Congo and The Democratic Republic of Congo in the south side and surrounded by Cameroon in the west side.The area covered by Central African Republic is about 240,000 squares miles.The Central African Republic is depending upon the foreign aid. In Central African Republic many NGOs are also providing many services which government is fail to give. Without foreign aid the Central African Republic can not run.The Peace building fund was also given by United Nations to the Central African Republic.

Ban ki-moon is the Secretary General and he declared on January 8, 2008 that the Central African Republic was qualified to receive aid from the peace building fund.The three main areas were identified to give them this aid and make them better. The three areas are Promotion of good governance and the rule of law, Security sector reform and the Revitalization of communities affected by conflicts.The Human right violation is widely spread in the Central African Republic. The human right record is very poor and there is no freedom of speech in the Central African Republic. The media is not free in the Central African Republic.The Central African Republic is divided in to 14 prefectures and with 2 economic prefectures. The prefectures are further divided in to 71 sub prefectures. The names of prefectures are Bamingui- Bangoran, Basse kotto,Haute Kotto, Haut Mbomou, Kemo, Lobaye, Mambere kadei,

Mbomou, Nana mambere, Ombella M’Poko, Ouaka, Ouhan, Ouhan Pende and Vakaga. The two econpmic prefectures are Sangha mbaere and Nana Grebizi. The name of commune is Bangui.The weather of the Central African Republic is very hot, the north area of the Central African Republic are hot, dry, and have a lot of dust. The north east is a desert site.The economy of Central African Republic is depend upon the farming and the sale of food crops which are peanuts, maize, sorghum, millet, sesame, plantain and cassava. The growth of GDP per year is 3%.The major export of Central Republic Africa is Diamond. Diamond contributes 40 to 55% to the export revenues.

The population of Central African Republic is almost 4,422,000. The majority of population is affected by the HIV AIDSThe Central African Republic has 80 ethnic groups and each ethnic group has its own language. The biggest racial group is the Baya which are of 33% of the population. The names of other racial groups are Banda, Mandjia, Sara, Mboum, M’Baka, Yakoma and Fula or Fulani.
The average life expectancy of female is 48.2 and the average male expectancy of life is 45.1. The Government is spending 10% on the health facilities.The dominant religion in the Central African Republic is Christianity. Christians are almost 80.3% of population.

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