There have been many illustrations of chakras drawn by clairvoyants with ‘inner sight’, and by artists relying on descriptions from clairvoyants. Following article will outline chakra illustrations including descriptions and the healing property of each colour.

On the physical plane of existence, where colours are dulled because of the lower vibration experienced on this Plane, it would be very difficult to reproduce the chakra colours accurately as they are so vivid and bright in comparison.

However, most illustrations of chakras do tend to be very beautiful and, if you find a picture that ‘resonates’ with you, it is good to use it as a focus during any meditation practice. Some beautiful chakra illustrations are seen in the book: “Miracles Through Pranic Healing” by Master Choa Kok Sui - which also offers a very good description of each chakra and the healing property of the colours.

The chakras are divided into three groups:
Lower - Physiological
Middle - Personal
Higher - Spiritual

The basic, sacrum and spleen chakra are associated with receiving energy on a physical level - mainly through the ‘serpent fire’ from the earth and the vitality from the sun. As a result, the colours of the Basic, Sacrum and Spleen chakras tend to be reds and yellows. Red representing the Earth and Yellow the Sun.

The navel, heart and throat chakras are associated with the personality or emotions and reach man through the lower astral plane of existence and from lower manas (mind). The colours have a hue of the red/yellow but move more towards the greens and blues.

The third-eye and crown chakras are associated with the spiritual aspect and associated with the glands of the pituitary and pineal. Their colours are more towards the golds, purples and violets and their size is very dependent on the spiritual growth of the man.

The colours are further effected by the spiritual development of the person and what is happening in their life ‘at that moment’. So, when seen clairvoyantly, they can be changing colours or hues quite rapidly. It just depends on the inrushing energy and the prana or vitality that is needed for present situation.

During a meditation, the higher colours of gold, purple or violet may be more vivid. But, when busy doing housework, the lower chakras and their colours of red or yellow may be more vivified. It is entirely dependent on the thoughts or actions of the human at the time of the illustration.

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