Today buying a car is no longer considered a luxury. Owning a vehicle is more of a necessity or comfort. As the money flow increases, more and more individuals are expanding their ownership of vehicles. While this is happening, the complexities and conflicts of parking swell. Cooperation and coordination is vital for smooth functioning of parking lot areas. Fully Automated Car Parking Systems are ideal to address parking problems.
For those still stuck with manual car parking systems,there are some deep parking issues. Here are 5 major challenges of manual car parking systems.
• Manual checks: Parking managers perform manually intensive work of counting permit and non-permit cars. In such a case, a manual check of vehicle status and handwritten tickets are required. Such kind of manual procedure leads to 50% entry errors, thus resulting in huge losses to the bottom line.
• Paper records:It is difficult to sieve through the large amounts of information. To accomplish this task, parking lot managers have to spend hours searching for files for the exact information. These kinds of paper records create a lot of problems.
• High labour costs:Reading, writing and entering data is very labour-intensive and time consuming. Unnecessary capital expenditure is increased due to the money spent on labour that performs repetitive manual tasks.
• Making customers wait:Outdated or manual car parking systems make customers wait in long queues when they need to enter and exit the parking lot. Due to this, precious time of the customers is wasted and overall sustainability gets shaken.
• Unauthorized access:The parking manager in-charge handwritten paper tickets can be duplicated easily. No security alerts are raised to the authorized personnel if any unauthorized vehicle enters the parking lot.
Manual parking systems mostly have cons compared to pros. To combat this problem, the best thing would be to switch to Automated Car Parking Systems. They are environmental-friendly, easy to use and cost-effective.

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Mr. Radha Krishnan - Managing Director of Sieger Parking Car Parking System in India.