The truth is, recruitment isn’t as challenging as it once was, thanks to improvements in communications, tracking of applicants, grading of qualifications and so forth. Unlike any time before the digital age, recruitment has never actually been easier. But that doesn’t mean that recruitment isn’t a challenge, and that a recruitment consultant isn’t still handy in many circumstances.

The real truth of the matter is, no matter how advanced we become, there will always be challenges with this, because people will always try to sell themselves, and mathematical qualifications do not equate to practical qualifications in many cases. Just because you are educated in a field does not mean you are truly good at it, it does not mean that your compatible with corporate culture, coworkers, etc. either. Some people that did excellently in school may affect the lazy as a legless dog when it comes to actually being out in the field, as well. There are a host of variables they can make you really need a recruitment agency in Galway or elsewhere.

Let’s talk about these challenges and a little more detail, so that you can better appreciate the actual hell faced by HR, and by the recruitment agencies themselves. Maybe then, you will better appreciate how important a recruitment consultant can actually be. Also talk, and brief, about the qualifications that the recruitment consultant themselves may need, with these challenges in mind.

Academic achievements are not everything…

It’s impossible to assign a metric to talent, and academic achievements definitely aren’t it. While academic achievements should be a major criterion and recruiting people, they are not a guarantee. The academic environment is not the same as the field of choice for a student, and a lack of real talent when applying academic understanding, or a lack of motivation can be quite damning.

The human factor is major!

Like we said, a solid academic career, even demonstrable talent and motivation in a field, don’t guarantee that an applicant will thrive in the environment in question. They may not actually like people, meaning that they don’t work particularly well with others, their mindset may be incompatible with your corporate culture, or incompatible with the staff that you have. This can result in constant insubordination, failure to uphold guidelines and best practices, constant conflict with others, you name it.

A solid recruitment agency in Galway needs to understand sociology and psychology, and to be able to look through the records and various evaluations of an applicant, determining how potentially compatible they may actually be with the intended environment.

Some other qualifications for your consultant?

Like stated above, some understanding of sociology and psychology is critical. Understanding how personalities, in broad strokes, interact with one another and with environments is very important. Even if academic qualifications and raw talent are confirmed, they have to really understand how compatible an individual is going to be with existing staff, corporate culture, environment and so forth. That sort of thing isn’t easy, because sociology and psychology are very soft sciences, generally-speaking.

They also have to apply this learning to work ethic, dedication and loyalty, things that are hard to assign metrics to even within the softness of sociology and psychology!

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