Move Car auto transport is one of the leading companies across the states when it comes to shipping cars and providing its customers with quality car shipping services across states. In addition to their best car transport services and safety compliance, they also claim to provide their customers with the best cheap car shipping deals in terms of price. They claim they don’t misguide their customers with any kind of hidden charges that are ultimately paid by the customers. They also say that their auto shipping price quotes are realistic and according to the real situations and market trends. We decided to verify these claims and have a discussion with their CEO to make it easier for general customers who want to ship their cars cost-effectively without compromising in terms of the safety of their vehicles and various other factors. Further details are given below:

Realistic Pricing Factors

Move Car auto transport takes account of multiple factors to determine the auto shipping price of a vehicle. Some important things that matter a lot in determining the auto shipping price are given below:

● The weight of a vehicle.
● Dimensions of the car to be shipped.
● The pickup location.
● The location where the shipped car is supposed to be dropped off.
● The condition of the vehicle (is it movable?).
● The shipping distance.
● The season when the car is being shipped. (whether it is the peak time for the car shipping business or not?).
● The type of transport selected by the customer such as open car shipping or enclosed auto transport.
● The prices of fuel used by vehicle transport carriers also matter a lot in determining the price of shipping a vehicle.

All these factors are updated on a daily basis in the automated system of the Move Car auto transport price estimation tool to provide customers with a realistic and transparent auto shipping quote. This ultimately helps Move Car to come up with the best auto shipping deal for its customers regardless of whether they are choosing the open or enclosed car transport method. These price estimation factors are also applicable to Move Car’s other transport methods like expedited car shipping and door to door shipping, however, these methods can be a bit costly because of the operational requirements of these methods.

The CEO’s Take:

When we reached the CEO of Move Car auto transport, he was courteous enough to provide us with his kind words and clarify the approach of his company. The CEO of Move Car Mr. Yasin Arif Said, “We understand that customers like to save money while shipping their cars across states. Searching for cheap car shipping on Google will bring them many results. However, most of them are brokers looking to lure them away from the companies offering quality car shipping services like Move Car. By showing them lower prices on the ads, many brokers bait and switch their prices. Move Car offers a transparent and instant car shipping price quote. What you see is what you pay.”

He further added, “customers should be careful when picking a company for the cheapest car shipping option. The key is to stay away from the brokers who tend to lure them with the help of fake reviews and claims of being the best auto shipping companies. Not every company is capable of offering the same level of quality at the lowest possible prices.” We had to agree with his words after we tested the services of Move Car and compared their auto shipping price quote with other companies ourselves.

Wrapping it Up:

We put a lot of factors in our thought and came up with the conclusion that Move Car auto transport really offers the cheapest car shipping deals to its customers because of its transparent pricing system, years of car shipping experience, and a large network of vehicle transport carriers that is readily available to ship cars across the country. Finally, we also advise customers to avoid rushing their decisions with fake brokers in order to save a few dollars. We understand your car is worth more than saving a few bucks. Therefore, using the auto shipping services of market leaders like Move Car auto transport should be your preferred choice.

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