Reaching the end of the tenancy is a bittersweet feeling. You have to find a new place now which may be a challenge but more than that, you have to perform the cleaning job in your existing house before you hand it over to your landlord. End-of-lease cleaning is a prevalent measure to evaluate the tenant’s character and that’s why you should leave no stones unturned in that. Probably, finding a new house can be easy for you if your previous homeowner recommends you as a good tenant. Above all, it is your responsibility to deliver the house as it was handed to you. Read on to make a checklist of house chores at end-of-tenancy.

Doors and Windows

The wooden panels of doors and windows accumulate dust and allergens over time. This is the reason why people hire Bond Cleaners to clean the windows and doors of the former house. The window glasses are cleaned by experts with the help of industrial cleaning solutions. The doors and other partitions of the house are dusted and cleaned with vacuum cleaners and other cleaning accessories. You will have spotless windows and sparkling doors after this cleaning job because professionals know their way with your house interiors. You can also opt for other areas to be cleaned by making a bond of agreement.

Bathroom Cleaning

One of the most used areas in the house is bathrooms. Bathrooms and drainages get dirty very easily and cleaning them when you already have a task at hand of house hunting is a terrifying headache. That is why the End of Lease Cleaners in Brisbane are popular. These professionals visit your former home and clean the bathroom and basins with ease. They have the right tools and gears to clean the ceramic and porcelain parts of the house. Once you get the quotes and agree upon a figure, these guys instantly visit your house and start the cleaning procedure without any delay.


If you have rented a house with interiors, then also you don’t have to worry about cleaning since bond cleaners also offer you interior cleaning. Some of the most frequently utilized interiors include carpets. Carpet cleaning may be a tough task if you do it yourself. Hence, you should include carpet cleaning in your contract to rest assured that the interiors will also be cleaned. Carpet cleaning requires special equipment. With regular use and floor dust particles, carpets get dirty very easily. So, to clean them, professionals use cleaning solutions and warm water. All you would have to do is to offer the cleaning guys an empty room with the carpet and your job is done.

Make sure you get your end-of-lease cleaning done right because your reputation as a tenant depends on that.

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