A hotelier who has just hired a new cook would have to get him a chef jacket and there are two ways to go about it. In a kitchen, everyone involved in food preparation would have to don a chef jacket as part of their kitchen uniform. You can liken this to doctors and their coats; many senior chefs have their own personal jackets that they wear as uniform wherever they may be working. But when employing lower level kitchen staff members (the cooks for instance), it becomes necessary for the hotelier to buy for them uniform components, like the jackets in question. You will be complying with a number of laws of public health and sanitation if your cooks work while wearing their chef jackets. In the act of food preparation, the kitchen staff members are mandated to don these chef jackets. If there are no chef jackets, they could use other alternatives. The cooks, when seen in identical chef jackets and uniforms, will give the impression of an upright and utterly classy restaurant or kitchen.

If you have a new cook and you are looking for a chef jacket for him, your first option would be to approach a tailor to make one for the cook. Many big-time hoteliers have contracts with such tailors, to supply them with new chef jackets for newly employed cooks, as needs arise. This will have chef jackets that are tailored specifically to the body measurements of the cooks who will wear them. There is a disadvantage to this method because the period it would take for the tailor to make the chef jacket would be a relatively long time that the cook would have to go to work without it. It will be a sure sign of inefficiency if the waiting period runs on for longer than a few days, when the cook will already be owed compensation when he still does not have a chef jacket.

Buying a ready-made chef jacket for the newly employed cook would be the other option. A good source of these ready-made chef jackets would be online. If not, there are stores that sell these particular types of clothing. Unlike making an agreement with a tailor, you wouldn't be subjected to any sort of waiting period in this case. This is especially useful and preferable in the case of urgent hiring of cooks where the management could not afford to wait for the tailor to finish the chef jacket before they could put the cook to work. You would also be saved from spending so much money if you choose the cheaper ready-made chef jacket. Customized jackets also tend to be more costly.

you've just been told the two main things you can consider when you are looking for clothe your newly hired cook personally. As we have seen, each approach has its own upside and downside. In the final analysis, the circumstances surrounding the employment of the new cooks dictate how the hoteliers go about getting chef jackets for them. Urgent hiring of cooks would dictate that your most preferable option is to go for ready-made chef jackets. That is as opposed to waiting for customized chef jackets to be made for them.

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