No one’s appetite stays the same from day to day and year to year. A child eats when he is hungry. However, almost all parents and caregivers experience that the child refuses to eat or eats poorly. Changes in appetite are due to situational factors on the one hand and developmental factors on the other.
A child’s appetite decreases decisively in the second year of life. In the first year of life, the baby is a real glutton, and his birth weight triples by the end of the first year of age. After this, the little one's weight gain slows down and his appetite decreases.
Tips for your child's eating
• Protect the dining table and its surroundings from damage, especially in the second year of the child.
• Let the child try to eat first, then help.
• Eat with the child, at least sit next to.
• Give your child a moment to stop playing before eating.
• If your child is in a bad mood before a meal, reassure him by holding his lap and chatting. Usually the child calms down within a few minutes.
• Gradually get your child used to the new foods by offering a mouthful of new, the rest of the already familiar food.
• Put a small dose at a time on the child's plate, add more as needed.
• Try to calm down your dining situation just for eating and friendly conversation.
• Plan your weekly menu with the family, also taking into account the wishes of the children.
• If the child does not eat, do not make it a number, but fix the child's plate from the table like the plates of other family members.
• Encourage and Praise the child as this eats.
• Try to keep mealtimes regular.
• Try to keep the atmosphere at the dining table positive.
• Power stuffing food
• temptation with treats or other bribes
• threatening
• quarreling and bickering at the dining table
• comparison with other children

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