I first went to see Dr. P because I had a pain in my leg, now I go to him because he helps me pay attention to what my body says and needs. Let me explain.
My initial chiropractic evaluation was a bit unsettling with all that cracking, especially around the neck. For some people, the neck cracking alone would be enough to make them run for the exit, but for me, the most unsettling part was Dr. P’s comments about birth trauma and emotional blockages in my first chakra. I guess, “unsettling” is not exactly the right word, it had more to do with “affirming” that which I somehow already knew was true. I found it remarkable that Dr. P. was able to interpret my body’s voice without me ever saying a word. I found this extraordinary on so many levels because my body and I haven’t had much of a connection for a very long time and this guy was going to facilitate the discussion. In retrospect, Dr. P. was re-introducing me to an old friend which was more than enough to keep me coming back.
At one point during the first visit, Dr. P. asked me about my “willingness” to heal. After a minute or two, I realized this wasn’t the best of news because he said it in a way that made me think we had a long road ahead. At the same time, however, I also realized that if anyone was willing, it was me! I had been on a spiritual quest since I was 19 and now at 43, it was definitely time to consolidate all that I’ve learned by grounding myself within this body of mine. With this in mind, I answered with an emphatic, “Hell yes!”
After more than a year with Dr. P., I’ve come to appreciate the wealth of wisdom stored within my body. The way it moves, stirs and remembers everything I’ve ever been through without making a sound. Dr. P., understands this quiet rhythm and reveres to it’s power and strength. He listens and chooses his words wisely. In fact, he mostly asks questions while listening to the body’s responses. Sometimes, getting ahead of myself, I jump to conclusions or ask for advice, but Dr. P. never seems to dishonor his place within the context of the body and only replies to that which I am fully ready to hear. Extremely gentle, never without the body’s permission, Dr. P. continues to facilitate my overall healing and well being.
I find this to be in tandem with my own experiences of God. Gentle, mindful and unobtrusive, God respects my willingness to heal and approaches it with loving kindness. Even if I jump ahead, which I tend to do on a regular basis, God continues to hold me close and allows me plenty of time to catch my breath. Not unlike, Dr. P., who whispers “I gotcha” before cracking the next vertebrae or muscle checking for herbal supplements. I find, it’s all about the flow and moving gracefully through it. What a gracious and amazing way to heal!

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Vera Snow is an author, spiritual director, group facilitator, wife and mother of identical twins. She has a BA in journalism, MA in human development and certified as a spiritual director via Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality, www.sacredgroundspirit.org. Her work is about facilitating other's awareness of God in their everyday lives. You can read more about Vera and her work at www.verasnow.com or subscribe to her blog: www.verasnow.blogspot.com.