The thought of living in an immaculately organized condo without having to worry even a bit about its maintenance might as well bring a smile on many faces. However, that does not really mean that condo owners do not face any dilemma when it comes to a choice between a condo and a private house. All excited about the new launch property Yishun Central? Here’s what you should consider. Read on to discover.

What are the factors which work against condos?

Though the condos are perfectly organized without the occupants not having to worry anything about the maintenance, the lack of space might end up irking you significantly. Condos are separate units of a single housing complex having separate blocks. If you are used to living in a big house, it might as well turn out that you are getting to take only a quarter of your possessions when you are shifting to your condominium. If you are someone who is not in favor of throwing away old things like the painting which your child gave you on your birthday or for that matter the first toy that you had gifted your now grown up child, you might as well find it a bit emotionally unsettling to part with them just because your new house is not large enough to accommodate them! The idea of settling in that swanky apartment at one of the coolest locations in the country might not seem very appealing during these emotionally traumatizing times!

Another major factor to consider while looking for condos is your pet (if you have any). There are several condo associations out there which do not allow pets inside the buildings and as such it becomes a difficult decision for pet owners to shift there.

Factors which work in favor of condos: Are they too tempting?

There wouldn’t have been a dilemma if condos hadn’t offered some incredible living options to home owners. One of the first pros of the condos is that you get to enjoy a wide array of amenities like swimming pool, lawn, tennis court and gym etc without having to worry how they will be maintained. You, of course, have to shell out a fee for their maintenance. However, the fees are shared as the ownership is shared as well. There are certain rules (spelt out by the condo association) when it comes to the usage of these condos. You should not commit the mistake of flouting the rules. The maintenance fees generally differ from block to block and it is your responsibility to find out duly about the rates before settling for a choice.

The rules and regulations affecting the usage of the amenities might as well form an important part of the agreement. So, make sure you are hiring an attorney to study those rules and help you understand the same before you are buying the property.

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