Most people assume that the Bible is complete. Most people do not know about the substantial portion of the Bible that was removed by the Church, surprisingly with claims of heresy. This portion of the Bible is known as the Book of Enoch.

The Book of Enoch became infamous at a particular point in history, for being a direct link between history and mythology. Theologians were less acceptable of the magical claims of this book than the usual testaments, solely because of its reference to fallen angels copulating with humanity.

The Book of Enoch basically preaches the belief that lustful, greedy angels, on an evil mission, decided to fall to the earth from the good grace of God. These fallen angels inhabited the earth in the form of humans in order to have sexual relations with women and produce demonic offspring that they hoped would eventually be the demise of the world.

If this isn’t startling enough, it was also written that these demonic offspring would secretly convene and ultimately join together by way of political, social, religious and various other means to control mankind in an effort to ultimately destroy them. They are believed to walk the face of the earth today, as we live with them on a daily basis without truly knowing who they are.

Is this too much to bear? Apparently the Church thought so, because they removed this vital section completely from Bible and tried to destroy these documents so very few people would know about it.

It seems as though there is a never ending battle every single day of everyone’s life, in small or large forms, with good and evil. Just when you feel as if you can relax, the “Watchers” are near and they will try to cause more disaster and tragedy if they can.

According to the Book of Enoch, the trouble began when the angels, along with their leader named Samyaza, developed an insatiable desire for the “daughters of men” upon the earth. These angels wanted deeply to fornicate and produce offspring with these women.

Samyaza did not want to descend to earth alone, so he tempted two hundred angels called “Watchers” to accompany him on his hedonistic mission. The angels made a pact to fully undergo their mission, therefore risking serious forms of punishment from God.

The angels descended onto earth and first taught the women sorcery, incantations and divination with corrupted versions of the secrets of heaven. Then these angels conceived children with these women. Their offspring developed into giants, devouring all that pleased them in the form of birds, beasts, reptiles and fish. Soon, even Homo sapiens would become a delicacy.

One angel, named Azazyel, decided to create forms of adornment for women. These forms were makeup, jewelry, and other means to enhance their sex appeal. The angel even went a step further as to teach men how to desire genocide and make weapons as deadly instruments of war. War, was often explained by scholars not to be a God-made or man-made invention, but instead an invention made by fallen angels and Satan.

At some point, mankind cried out to the heavens and the archangel heard their plea. These powerful archangels were Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal and Uriel. (Satan was part of the seraphim, the highest order of Archangels, until he defied God and became the master of pure evil.)

The Lord ordered Raphael to bind Azazyel. He ordered Gabriel to destroy the “children of fornication”, the offspring of the “Watchers”, by instructing them on how to invoke their own self-destruction in mutual slaughter. He then ordered Michael to bind Samyaza and his wicked offspring “for seventy generations underneath the earth, even to the day of judgement”. Then God would send the Great Flood to wipe out the evil giants, the children of the “Watchers”. This Great Flood was believed to be Atlantis.

The giants, at some point, returned once again. Apparently, the “Watchers” would have to be defeated once and for all on the final day of judgement by the archangels. According to the last days of the earth, angels would “hurl themselves upon the East” to stir up trouble and define the beginnings of a vicious bloody war. This prophecy seems to be coming true, as the wars of the Middle East continue.

According to the Book, the Lord tells Enoch to inform the “Watchers” that they “who have been polluted with women” and “have been greatly corrupted on the earth” will never obtain mercy and peace. Those creators of blasphemy, tyranny and sin would surely suffer.

These “Watchers” at some point became terrified and sought for Enoch to write a prayer for forgiveness on their behalf. Enoch replied by saying that in his vision, the petition would not be granted as long as the world endures. God’s judgement would not bend and the “Watchers” would never again ascend into heaven.

God told Enoch to go to the “Watchers” again and to tell them that they should not ask for their prayers to be answered, but should instead pray for mankind. The giants these “Watchers” created were born of spirit and flesh. Therefore, they will be subject to all the evil of the earth that has fallen and created them.

God reminded these fallen angels that they would be eternally sentenced to no happiness and no peace.

Despite its unknown origins, Christians once accepted the Book of Enoch as authentic scripture. They truly believed that fallen angels existed and there would soon come a day of judgement.

Copies of the Book of Enoch were among the Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran and therefore proved to be in existence before the time of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ actually elaborated on specific parts of the book in regards to the coming kingdom and the punishment for the wicked on the day of judgement. Jesus Christ approved of the Book of Enoch and employed various references from the book in his own teachings. Jesus Christ and John the Baptist often referred to the “Watchers” by using various terms and wanted to make mankind fully aware of their evil existence.

Many members of the Church agreed with the Book of Enoch and its notation of fallen angels on the earth. To the Church, one particular fallen angel was named Satan. The Church also acknowledged evil spirits on earth as well as the nature of evil itself. Clergy often used quotes from the Book of Enoch and referred to it often as they totally supported its validity immensely. To the Church, our unawareness and noninvolvement is precisely what the “Watchers” want in order to succeed with their malicious mission.

So why is it that the Church, that was so aware and so knowledgeable about the Book Enoch, suddenly attempt to ban and totally destroy this collection of writings?

They might have feared man’s question of who was good and who was evil, considering the fact that it would not be easily determined and those “Watchers” are still among us. The fact that angels became so corrupt, was also a negative and disturbing part of the religion, as it would inevitably cause many to question high levels of spirituality and wonder where else corruption existed.

The only problem with hiding such vital information is that it suppresses humanity and does not give mankind the chance for full spiritual growth and awareness. Human beings might sometimes seem weak, but strength often comes through knowledge.

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