Coefficients’ inimitable value proposition is distinction in the entire service delivery life cycle: key assumptions, knowledge transfer, baseline agreements, and minimizing future change management.
Business analytics is at the core of our business. Coefficients’ strong point is with recognizing and planning out tailor-made outsourcing packages with an effective and cost-saving percentage combined with a substantial business process improvement for all business sizes who aim to improve their companies’ bottom-line performance.
Coefficients’ delivery capabilities are measured based on efficiency, enhancement, and transformation such as increased productivity via process improvement, implementation of industry best practices, sufficient internal control, scalable solutions supporting our clients’ business development functions, and support of start-ups new business lines.
Process Excellence
Using the best practices in the BPO industry, Coefficients’ focus is on delivering value services to our clients with focus on quality improvement processes, benchmarking techniques and close monitoring of key performance indicators.
The leaders of Coefficients ensure constant revamp and redesign of processes using quarterly and yearly case studies. Departmental reviews are held at least twice a year with the company’s stakeholders brainstorming on the improvement of the processes in sourcing, recruitment, talent development and retention, quality management, training, staffing strategies, and employee leadership.
The Results
Coefficients solves the clients’ toughest challenges. Our team’s countless skills and strategic approach bring top notch talents, streamlined processes, and efficient technology together to ensure that every interaction delivers consistent success. Our expertise and passion , and our actionable insights help your businesses not just deliver results. We transform them!
Here are some samples of the results we have provided our clients since Coefficients started:
Client 1: One of the leading online shopping websites in the US.
 Labor Cost Savings: more than 60%
 First Contact Resolution: (before Coefficients: 30%, after Coefficients: 85%)
 Saved on Annual Basis: 67%
 Sales Conversion: Improved by 70% since 2011
 New Business Ventures: 3 additional online shopping websites, 1 B2B marketplace company
Client 2: A multinational company that is a world leader in manufacturing engineered fabric products and distributing event equipment.
 Streamlined processes in the customer service department
 Business Efficiency: about 40% reduction in customer care contacts for order errors and returns
 Financial Contribution: $2M contribution in sales since 2012
 Customer Satisfaction as a result of increased sales: 50% of the client company’s sales came from the inbound sales closed by Coefficients team. The significant contribution in sales was a result of the 24/7 operations of Coefficients team.
Client 3: A fortune 500 multinational telecommunications and satellite, media, and entertainment service provider
 25% conversion on new unit sales
 40% conversion on up sell services
 75% client cost reduction since OV was paid on a per sale basis
 Consistently met KPIs and SLAs
Client 4: One of North America’s leading provider of tax, financial, and accounting services.
 Coefficients has addressed the very unique aspects of the seasonality in the program.
 Significant reduction in training days that resulted to total savings worth $150k for the season.
 Improved learning curve as tenure was reduced from 20 days to 7 days on traditional programs.
Client 5: An established digital marketing company that has made a name for itself in giving high quality search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content writing services.
 More effective business processes and digital marketing strategies.
 Business Efficiency: Improves lead conversion by 75%.
 Financial Contribution: Doubles the client’s annual revenue within the first year.
 Customer Satisfaction as a result of increased sales: Pulls in 60% more sales through inbound inquiries and deals closed by Coefficients team. This was a result of intense and cutthroat training of Coefficients team to assure the team handles leads and customers professionally.
Client 6: A global company which offers iconic fandom-related products all over the world.
 Efficient customer service and support
 Reduce the workload daily
 Provides great products to sell
 Increase the daily quota of process orders up to 60%
 Rapid increase in monthly sales
 Enforce effective and organized working system
 Provided definite market research and financial reports

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