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When we are stuck, we almost always are facing multiple problems--and do not recognize this.

The other day a friend was sharing something of his inner experience that the secret of soul transcendence really works, that it's completely possible to dissolve negativity and declare it over. I told him I agreed. As someone who assists clients as a practitioner I see this over and over. As souls, we each have the capacity to release ourselves; much of this is done thru self-forgiveness.

Then I said when we do get stuck, the bottleneck is not in our soul; rather as usual, we are stuck facing multiple bottlenecks and don't recognize this.
If you are stuck on an issue, it's almost always because you have multiple problems at hand and the basic self does not know which path to go forward on.

A wisdom exists in both hard science (engineering) and 20th century counseling-therapy that is seldom seen in self-growth, personal-spiritual growth discussions.

Robert Frost makes this phenomena very imagistic:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

Robert Frost faced only two diverging paths in front of him. In therapy, counseling, and personal-spiritual-growth, it's common to face three, four and more paths at once--and not know which one to take.

Q: I don't understand. Who is facing which paths and where?

A: This is another situation where conventional language lets us down. What we call "feeling stuck" is not a rational, conscious self phenomena. We perceive it but it is happening below our level of choices. In fact, we feel stuck from making a choice; we don't know what to choose.

"Feeling stuck" is better-described as a bottleneck in our flow of energy up out of the unconscious, up thru the subconscious and into the conscious rational mind. "Feeling stuck" is the feeling energy can't flow up and out thru our three levels of frequency. In other words, feeling stuck occurs in our inner child.

Down in the inner child, in the sub- and unconscious, it is aware of multiple issues all trying to move at once. Our unconscious is like a three year old; multiple choices overwhelm it. Multiple choices, multiple things all trying to move at once gives us pause: we feel stuck.

A solution protocol for feeling stuck

Because "stuckness" is virtually always a function of multiple problems, one solution for those wishing to work with 'God is my Partner' goes like this:

- Stop. Love yourself. Identify HOW MANY problems face you now? How many "paths in the woods" present themselves now on this concern?

Q: How am I going to know that? You said these extra paths are going to be subconscious?

A: That's why you have Client-controlled Kinesiology (CCT) in your Healing Toolbox. CCT or self-kinesiology-testing of any kind is an ideal tool for addressing and communicating with your subconscious, if you treat it with love and respect.

Once you identify the number of problems the basic self is "stumbling over" or "frozen" by, this begins to bring the Light of awareness into the area.

- The conscious self only knows the shape, size and scope of the single issue sticking up above the water line on the iceberg, the visible issue. All the others are less or more unknown.

- So why not ask for a Benefactor in Spirit, thru the Mystical Traveler, Christ or anyone other Being from Soul and Above, to assist you to stack them in order or priority for clearing?

Any soul can always do this, ask for assistance from Above.

I find with myself and clients, simply stacking the issues relieves a great deal of stress in the subconscious. "Finally, that messy area I've been meaning to work on for five lifetimes is organized so I can work with it, retain the learnings and give the rest away to the Goodwill!" That's what the basic self says, in imagistic terms.

- Once you have all the relevant issues-concerns-problems-traumas-dramas stacked in order of priority for clearing, simply address the top one with your Healing Toolbox tools. The top issue will always be an issue you can handle if you pay attention and persist to closure, to the best of your ability.

Usually clearing the top one will also clear the next few in the same category. That's why the Benefactors stack them the way they do.

Sometimes you have Grace, a "get out of jail free card" and Benefactors will simply remove the whole stack. This happens maybe 10% of the time. If you have that card, play it. Don't know if you have such a card? Ask.

If not, once you've extracted the learning, you can place the issue on the alter of the Traveler and ask if it can be exchanged for something of equal or greater value. The basic self loves fair exchanges or exchanges in its favor, it will go for this.

If you go this way, usually the disturbance is removed; as in, "less is more." As in forgiveness, subtraction is the best, most useful and most common math process in personal-spiritual growing, removing blocks to your own inner loving.

If you get stuck, give me a call.

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