The greatest discovery in human history that spread knowledge to the ends of the world would be the invention of the printing press. The inventor himself would not have understood the magnitude of his invention when he was building the first printing machine. His particular machine marks a clear shift of availability of script between two ages. The ancient ages was a time where every book was hand written and thus were expensive, exclusive and very cumbersome. We see glimpses of genius in printing China, Egyptian seal print and block print in India and so on. The literary world took a big leap after the invention of printing press where books were printed in huge numbers, more and more people could read and information could be circulated much better. Even in the 21st century, printed medium is an integral part of human life. Let us have a look at some of the common places where we find printing being used extensively.

Newspaper: The most common form of printed information that almost all the people in the world use is the newspaper. Millions of newspapers are printed in hundreds of languages in various countries every day. It is very convenient to read a newspaper no matter where you are. Its your daily dose of information at a glance and well written articles and editorials make the reading all the more fun. The biggest plus point of a newspaper is that it is very cheap and everybody can just pick one from just around the corner.

Academic books:
Students of all ages all kinds learn from and refer to one book or the other. All these academic books and resource materials are in our hands today thanks to the printing press. Book printing china express that various publishers have been able to put books in the most remote parts of the world and in the hands of the poorest people due to the low cost of production.

Manuals and information:
A manual or instruction booklet accompanies almost all the products manufactured. Similarly information about things is also circulated through printed copies. This makes it easy for manufacturers whether producing medicine, food, gadgets, vehicles or space shuttles to transfer all the required knowledge to the user. Manuals also allow then to keep the information standard which is not possible if it was to be transferred from person to person.

Magazines and books:
Printing plays a big role in bringing entertainment into our lives too. Various kinds of magazines like sports, celebs, finance, politics and all other news can be a great source of entertainment. Magazine printing China says that magazines are here to stay because people love reading about their favourite topic. Same goes with novels which are capable of taking you to another world.

A printed ad in the newspaper, magazine, advertisement posters, hording or brochure kind of stares in your face and seem to prompt you to buy things. That is exactly the effect which is expected of them. Although the advertising industry has grown big and there are various other means of introducing products to people, print media still remains to be one of the popular ones.

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