When a person comes to know about the detection of breast cancer life suddenly gets a turn. Everything starts changing. The patient starts feeling alone.The world around the person seems to be a new world totally unfamiliar. One needs to understand that when it comes to breast cancer care no one is alone. There is a strong companionship of a few people in your life regarding breast cancer care.

The best treatment for any disease is patient care. The same is much needed when it comes to treating a disease like breast cancer. Being a breast cancer patient you are not alone. There is a team who is behind being part of breast cancer care.

Do you know the team?
You would surely be curious to know about the team. The team consists of many professionals and obviously your loved ones.

Physicians are the medical experts who use the plan for the whole of your treatment. They plan the methods, routine, execution and pre and post scenario. An oncologist who uses to treat cancer actually coordinates with the rest of the team regarding breast cancer care.

Other medical team members:
Breast surgeon:
A Breast surgeon use to do surgery to remove cancer from the breast that includes breast preservation or lumpectomy.

Radiation oncologist:
For elimination of breast tumors, a radiation oncologist uses to oversee the radiation procedures.

Psychologists and psychiatrists:
Along with physical treatment psychological treatment is also an important part of breast cancer care. Killing anxiety is really very much important and psychologist can lessen it well and a psychiatrist can prescribe the medicine to control depression.

Plastic surgeons:
After the treatment of breast cancer, it is important to treat the scares caused by surgeries here a plastic surgeon play its role.

General physician:
General or family physician is really very important. He knows the history of a patient very well and can advise and suggest well. He also can be effective in the treatment of many related issues.

Clinical nurses are an essential part of your breast cancer care and treatment.They play a workable role in the treatment. They know the condition of the patient with every passing moment and because of this, they can coordinate very well while chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and physician visits and every other aspect of the procedure.Oncology nurses are specialized ones with additional training to following certain procedures. They can treat you well and can handle you when you feel worse during several procedures while the treatment of breast cancer. Nurses use to lessen your fear as well and encourage you to be patient and tenacious.

Social Workers:
The oncology social workers are licensed professional who use to take part in the counseling of the patient. They are also responsible for the dissemination of particular information to ensure breast cancer care. They support you reading your queries about diet, nutrition, complementary therapies, and general routine affairs.

They use to advocate and can help you circumnavigate the health care system.

Diagnostic Team:
This is the most important team that uses to detect the exact location of cancer and even before this the diagnostic procedure of breast cancer.

Imaging technology is very common and effective too such as x-rays, CT, MRI or ultrasound etc. It is to see the organs inwardly. So the role of radiologists is also very much essential.

Genetics specialist:
B the use of laboratory tests to regulate genetic code that can further provide exact risk estimate of growth of breast cancer. This team includes pathologist and nuclear medicine specialist too.

Your family and friends:
The role of your family and friends is also very much important. You can’t proceed in treatment without them. Their support and encouragement play a pivotal role. No one can deny this.

Breast cancer care is not only the responsibility of all the mentioned people but also yours being a patient so your will power and stamina matters a lot. Be strong and fight it out.

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