The table lamps are as crucial as the rugs on the floor and the photo frames on the walls. When you decorate your home with the right lampshade, these home decor pieces can become focal points of your home. Or, I can say it is an essential piece for any space when people want to read.

Always keep in mind that, you don't just pick a table lamp on the basis of the looks. You have to consider other factors like, the size of table, room, and also the location of the before choosing. Ever factor matters in its own way, whether its measurement or the style of the rest of the interior in that room.

After significant research, I have come up with a few factors which you need to consider if you are buying a new table lamp or want to revamp the look of the old one.

Take a look.

Factor 1: Height of the Table Lamp

Usually, the height of the table lamps is between 24 and 31 inches high. The shorter lamps are a suitable option for the bedrooms and taller ones for the living room. When you are sitting next to the lamp, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level, so that you can enjoy reading without any disturbance.

Factor 2: Width of the Table Lamp

If your table lamp is going to be placed on an end table in any room, first measure the table top and after that compare it with the broadest part of the shade. For the perfect look, the table lamp should not be wider than the table on which it is placed on.
Also, keep in mind that after deciding width, it should leave sufficient space to keep other things around. A big lamp may look stunning in your bedroom, but if you don't have room to keep extra stuff, then it may not work for you.

Factor 3: Translucent Vs. Opaque Shades

If you want to provide ambient light in a room as well as reading light, then choose the table lamps with translucent shades. In these types of lamps, bright light goes up, diffused light come through sides, and from the bottom the light comes for reading.
For a darker and dramatic look, you can go for table lamps with opaque black shades. These types of lamps are suitable for when you want the light to focus only on your book and does want to spray it anywhere.

Factor 4: Table Lamp as Design Element

Usually, we think that the table lamp is a provider of light only. But, it is more than that, if you love the design of the lamp or its amazing colour, you can use that beautiful lamp as a unifier of the interior of your room.
So, always pick up the design or style of table lamp which goes with other decor pieces in the room – drapes, pictures, pillows and many more.

Factor 5: Positioning Multiple Lamps

If you have a long table or cabinet, then you can use two table lamps on it, and don't forget to separate them by two or three feet. In this way, you can distribute the light in a better way. And, keep in mind that if you cluster them together, they will be going to look odd, so you can use other decor items like, wall frames, miniatures, etc.

Factor 6: Updating an Old Lamp's Look

If you are getting bored with the look of your table lamp, then you can try changing the shade for a different look. So, check the old shade and make sure that you get a shade that will work perfectly with your lamp.

Factor 7: Where to Put your Table Lamp?

The table lamps are one of the widely used lightings options because one can use them in just any room. You can use them in the hall ways on the console table, in the living area on the side table, in the bedroom on the bedside table and many more such places in our home.


You can buy table lamps for bedroom online also, and it is better to know about different factors which need to be considered before buying them.

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