So, you're looking forward to exploring the beauty that is Muir Woods. It may be tricky to get there but trust that everything will be okay once you book any of the best San Francisco tours available out there. With that said, here's a complete guide and everything you need to know before visiting Muir Woods.

They have a dedicated shuttle line.

Since Muir woods is in the far and remote end of San Francisco, it only fits to know that it has its own Muir Woods shuttle. If you have booked your San Francisco tours with a travel company, then you won't have any problems about this as they could just easily give you the schedule and you just have to hop on the bus at the right time. But you should also know that there are only limited slots as to how much the shuttle can cater to. It's a first come, first serve basis, so it's highly recommended that you arrive before the estimated time of departure to secure your seats.

Layer your clothes!

Even though you're going on a sunny day, it can get pretty cold in the woods. On the average, it's rare to get a temperature of above 70 degrees. If you want to enjoy the remaining of the trip without having to worry about freezing, then layer up! Or bring an extra sweatshirt with you. It can also get quite rainy on the months from November to April, so it's best that you also bring an umbrella or raincoat with you to get the most out of this one of the best San Francisco tours! It can also get pretty foggy in this place as it is located just beside the Pacific Ocean. Don’t get fooled by the brightly shining sun that will greet you on the way to the woods! It’s better to be clothed properly than to stay uncomfortable during the whole trip.

It's not as big as you think it is.

Yes, this might be a piece of shocking news to you given that Muir Woods is supposed to be a part of the forest and all. You might think that given its location the place would be extensive. But that's not it. Getting to Muir Woods is not as easy when you bought those Alcatraz tickets and just hopped on the boat. Although the land area might disappoint you, at least you know that you can cover the entire place in one day! You'll surely be able to reach one of the longest hikes which are crosses Bridge 4. Through this path, you will eventually be led to the farthest end of Muir Woods, and that's the whole tour. But you won't be leaving the woods behind without seeing the Muir Woods National Monument and catch a glimpse of the California State Park. All in all, you can cover the whole Muir Woods in about just under an hour.

There's tasty food at the Muir Woods Cafe.

What good would be a San Francisco tour without food? Although this is an entirely remote location from the city, there's a cafe in the woods which tourists love to visit. The Muir Woods Cafe serves one of the best-grilled cheese sandwiches in all of San Francisco. The name of this famous serving is The Marin Melt. This sandwich is so good that it was even featured at Food Network's show. But you might also want to save some space for a heavy lunch at another one of the restaurants located in Muir Woods. The restaurant, Sausalito, is located just around the corner and they serve complete meals which will be just right after a tiring stroll at the park. Who says that there are no delicious foods in the woods?

Kids can be Muir Woods Junior Park Rangers.

Are you travelling with your kids? Then touring Muir woods is probably one of the best decisions you ever made for your San Francisco tour. We are sure that your little ones are going to love being rangers of the Muir Woods park. There's even a Muir Woods Junior Ranger Activity Book which your kids can bring along while touring the park. Just make sure that you ask about the activity book upon admission. Before the day ends, allot about five to ten minutes of your time to have your kids take an oath as official Muir Woods Junior Park Rangers. There are not a lot of kids who can proudly say that they are sworn park rangers. We're absolutely sure that they are going to be thrilled about this experience!

Nice to wander, but don't stay away!

The Muir Woods can be pretty enchanting. There are almost no woods that existed like this before that's open for the public to enjoy. But that doesnot give you the pass to wander elsewhere. Stay on the path! There are a lot of poison oaks and stinging nettle that is growing and lurking in the woods. It's best that you can take in everything you see with your eyes but don't touch them! Avoid contact at all costs. You might not know what kind of plant species you're dealing with.

There are several hiking areas you can choose from.

What's great about hiking at the Muir Woods is that it gives you the options. With its six miles of hiking trails, there's the perfect hike you can take. Of course, you would have to assess if you can physically take the hike. But for starters, we recommend that you take the Main Trail as it is the easiest hike. It's perfect for those parents who have strollers and little kids with them.

Now you know why Muir Woods is one of the best San Francisco tours you can ever take. Not only that this will take you to a far more different place than the busy city of San Francisco, but there are also a lot of activities for the whole family, as well. 

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