Automatic garage door offer the complete line of garage doors that will enhance the look of your home, becoming an integral part of your home style. Clopay garage product offerings are extensive, so whatever your needs may be, door that will beauty and value to your home that is second to none in durability and reliability. You can choose either wood or steel carriage style garage doors from reverse of coachman collections. Gallery collection offers the carriage style garage door look at a more affordable price. For a more contemporary look, choose from the Avanti collection which combines contemporary aluminum and glass in sleek modern design.Up and over garage doors are by far the most common garage door type within the UK and USA. Their simple one piece construction makes them very easy to use and provide both a low afford and zero hassle operation. Up and over garage doors fall into two main categories for the types of operating mechanism.

This is how the garage door panel opens and closes and both mechanisms have their uses in different applications. The illustrations below show both garage door types half open with the optional steel fixing sub frame attached. Always remember that an up and over requires a fixing sub frame either in timber or steel. It will not fit directly a fixing sub frame either in timber or steel it will not fit directly to any garage structure without the sub frame. This needs to be fitted in-between or behind the structural without the sub frame. This needs to be fitted in-between or behind the structural opening.The canopy garage door is the simplest and most common type of up and over garage door mechanism, its name derived from the fully opened garage door panel protruding about a third forward of the frame to form a canopy. It gives the maximum derive through width when open and is the easiest to install. The door is balanced and assisted by torsion springs positioned above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame.

The canopy door mechanism is generally only available up to 8 feet wide. It is not generally only available up to 8 feet wide. It is generally used if the garage door is to be electric motor automated although with the use of a good quality bow arm converter and a reasonably powerful operator this type of door can be automated successfully, just get some good advice first.Timber garage doors are increasingly available in fully finished colors using micro porous wood treatments. The most popular form of supply however is still base coat stained for final finishing on site in order to coordinate with other timber finished on the property. Cedar wood is the prefer type of timber for garage doors due to its excellent tolerance to any type of weather and its weight making door panels relatively light and easy to operate. A lot of people say they do not like the maintenance of timber however it is the only material that you can actually maintain.

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