As women everyone face the phase of pregnancy and this will be complex experience to overcome and there is time period that is allocated for pregnancy this is common for almost all the women who undergo pregnancy and few exceptions are there where the birth of premature baby occurs and the best hospital for pregnancy delivery in Chandigarh where many babies are born under this condition, special attention must be focused for this children so that there I so health-related problem and many children born as a premature baby will have many health complications and this can be handled by taking preventive measure an there are many doctors who provide a good advice for taking care of those babies. The condition for this babies are not the same as the newborn babies and this will cause many health-related problems in them and this will be complex to handle in these babies.

The babies are kept in incubator and under surveillance so that the difference in the health condition can be easily noted and the babies tend to have many health related problems that can be very crucial for the life of the baby and this will make many complications and the child will not be able to live as normal like other babies they might invoke problems such as asthma and other breathing related issue and another life-threatening issue that like occur to the babies.

The normal babies do not have any complications as they have and handling a normal bay is easier when compare to the premature baby there are many newborn baby care hospital which take care of their life very well and makes them to be very healthy and detect the risk and health condition of the baby very well and by taking these kind of advice from the doctor they can easily avoid the risk and complex situation that occur for the baby in the initial stages and this will be very helpful for the mother to continue the process to maintain the child health and this is very important as this will have a direct impact and which when treated at earlier will reduce all the complex situations that are like to occur in the children in their future and the health of the premature baby must be taken care well more than the normal baby. There are very few best gynecologist in Navi Mumbai and if you happened to visit one of them, then they would be the best person to guide you through this.

So there's some common situation that is likely that occur between the newborn baby and the premature baby there will be many complication and may risk factor to the premature baby that the normal baby and the health condition of both must be taken care well in the initial stage of birth so that there is no risk that is likely to occur in the future . There are many hospitals that preach on the steps that should be taken for the welfare of the child after the birth and with these tips and advice the baby can be bought out in a healthier manner.

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