Those who ask about the fundamentals of Islam are typically told about the Five Pillars of the religion. These tell to faith and to practice, but at a deeper level this might be said that there are two countless pillars that support the whole organization. These are Peace or Justice. They are clearly linked since there can be no lasting peace without any justice. The word Islam comes from the same verbal root as saläm meaning peace and, since the religion is founded upon total proposal to the will of God, Muslims believe that real peace is out of reach unless it is based upon this submission within the universal order.
They believe equally that there can be no real justice excluding as a feature of proposal to the source of all that is just and well ordered. Although Allah in Himself is beyond understanding or analysis, the Qur’an gives us hints as to His factual nature through what are sometimes known the 99 names and one of these is al-ªAdl, the Just Another of these names is al-Muqsiö, the Supplier of Justice or He who gives to each thing its due”.
Importance of justice in Quran
The Quran admirations those who always act in the light of truth and tells us Perfected are the words of your Lord in truth and justice. This describes us also Behold, God orders justice and good actions and kindness to our fellow and this commands us never to let hate lead us into different from justice. Be just! That is neighboring to Allah awareness. This, of course, means to all groups who must fear divine justice if subjective factors and personal emotions principal them to diverge from the path of justice that is also the path of Islam, but this weighs heavily upon those who are compulsory to arbitrate in arguments or to give ruling in criminal cases.
The divine judge attitude over human judge
There were bags in the early history of the religion when men whom the Ruler intended to appoint as adjudicators fled from Court rather than assume this frightening responsibility and we read of one who did accept the burden that his whole body shivered when he was called upon to give judgement, believing that a single mistake might carry with it the threat of damnation. The divine Judge attitudes over the human judge, detecting all that he does, and human justice, even at its best, can never be more than a poor mock of heavenly Justice.
The Prophet Muhammad himself when he was known upon to arbitrate in civil actions warned the plaintiffs that one of them might be more expressive in putting his case than the other and thereby attain an unjust settlement. “In such a case,” said Muhammad, “I will have given him a helping of hellfire”. This is clearly a grave matter representative that those who pursue justice must themselves practice it without nonconformity even to their own hurt. Under all and any kind circumstances a conquest that is conflicting to justice is a poisoned goblet. So, every Muslim should read quran and always doing work with justice as well as perform umrah and hajj like many other rituals by umrah package from London heathrow with flight tickets and Visa when he/she finically support it.
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