Every woman before the age of 40 and especially after, needs to know about MONAT hair care products, especially the S3 nutritional supplement and their Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive. Well, after doing my own research, I’ve discovered ‘why’ MONAT is the only company selling anti-aging hair care products.

Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive gives luster back to one’s hair. Its exclusive ingredient is Abyssinian Oil. Abyssinian oil comes from a plant native to the Mediterranean and East Africa, and currently the oil is produced on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Abyssinian oil is fully biodegradable and free of harmful additives. It has an unique molecular structure that makes it easy for the skin to absorb. It has been shown to significantly improve the skin’s complexion and the hair’s luster through unique Omega 9 fatty acids composed of Erucic Acid, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Palmitic Acid and Stearic Acid.
There are 101 overall uses for Rejuvenique Oil. Here are some for our hair:
• Deep treatment of hair and scalp
• Controls frizz
• Adds shine
• Longer lasting hair color
• Psoriasis treatment
• Decrease dandruff
• Define curl and bounce
Uses for one’s skin are:
• Relieve dry, flaky, itchy areas
• Moisturize dry, rough skin
• Soothe sunburn
• Treat eczema
• Relieve itching

Now, for my mom’s favorite product that MONAT sells is the S3 supplement support for natural hair growth. Recently, I began using it, too! The condition of our hair is an indicator for what one’s body needs. Hair loss should be taken more seriously, especially in a woman, because the loss of hair indicates that our body is weakening. It’s not getting what it needs. It’s sad that this whole situation can so easily be remedied!

MONAT’s S3 supplements provides a much-needed vitamin and mineral support, not only to regrow one’s hair, but to provide the nutrients we need as we age. Currently, I’m not losing my hair, but I know as we age, I might. So, what not prevent hair loss from happening, as well as other aging ailments. If we don’t get the proper nourishment, we don’t have a defense against developing osteoporosis and joint inflammation which are common ailments for mature adults. Sure, there are medications for these ailments, but don’t they have side effects?

So, what are the ingredients found in a bottle of MONAT S3 supplements? First listed at the top of the bottle is Vitamin A. All cells need vitamin A for growth. Next, is the Vitamin B Complex which also helps cells to grow and stay nourished. Another ingredient is zinc, which is needed for hair tissue growth and repair. Zinc helps the oil glands around the follicles to work properly and prevent hair from graying. Also contain in this supplement are selenium to prevent dry scalp and dandruff along with copper for promoting the healing of the scalp and reduces the resting stage.

MONAT S3 also contains an amazing proprietary blend of OptiMSM, for preventing tendinitis, osteoporosis, muscle cramps, headaches, and joint inflammation, along with an anti-aging complex of ACTIValoe and EVNol the unsaturated vitamin E).

As I did my research, it became obvious to me ‘why’ MONAT has the only anti-aging hair care products on the market and ‘why’ anyone dealing with hair loss should try their products, especially the MONAT S3 supplements.

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