In one study women were shown profile pictures of men on Facebook and were told that those men had rated their attractiveness earlier.

A group of women were told that the men rated them as very attractive, The second group of women were told that the men rated them as averagely attractive while the third group were told that the men either gave them average or very attractive ratings.

Here is what happened, the participants who were uncertain about the ratings become more attached to the men who rated them than those who were certain.
In other words uncertainty about a person’s intentions makes him much more attractive.

Our minds were designed to get rid of completed tasks because they are no longer useful. If you want to refuel your car then most probably you will keep thinking about that task until you do it.

Once you are done with it you are very less likely to think about it again. The same exactly goes for attraction. When you are certain that a person likes you then you wont think about him as often as you would have thought about him if you were uncertain about his intentions.

This is also why confusing people works like magic. When a
person becomes uncertain whether you like him or not then there is a very big possibility that he will think about you more often. This is one reason why nice guys turn women off! They are just too predictable to the extent that they give women no room to think about them.
But there is a very important question that still needs an answer,

Why do some people don’t get affected even when they are uncertain about your emotions?
I am sure you tried confusing someone before only to discover that he is completely not interested in you. Here is why it happens:

Every person gets attracted to the people who satisfy his important subconscious criteria ( a set of conditions that were formed as a result of the person’s past experiences)
Now if you satisfy some of the subconscious criteria of that person then you started confusing him then most probably he will start thinking about you more often and he might fall in love with you.

In other words, a person won’t bother to know your real intentions if you weren’t that valuable to him that’s why the first step you should begin with when attempting to attract a person is to become more valuable to him by satisfying his subconscious criteria.

Once you do this you can move on to step two which is confusing him. This will increase the chance of making this person fall for you 10 times or even more.

Most people do the mistake of trying to confuse the person right away without impressing him first and that’s why their targets ignore their attempts. If you rated a person as 5 out of ten then most probably you wont think much about him if you were unsure of his intentions.

Compare this to a 9 who is treating you in a mysterious way. Most probably you will keep thinking about him all day just to find out whether he likes you or not.
Even if you weren’t interested in that person you will still think about him because the reward of making sure that he likes you will be a good one.

Every person will get a self confidence boost if he knew that an attractive person likes him. That’s why people do this over thinking.

Now the good news is that the more a person thinks about you the more he will become attached to you even if he wasn’t interested in you in the beginning.

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