Joe was feeling really stressed and afraid of tomorrow’s presentation. He hasn’t experienced such overwhelming emotions before and he realized that he couldn’t bear them anymore.

When thinking of the available options he found nothing to do except to keep the bad feelings that were really annoying him. Joe a person who rarely smoked suddenly found himself smoking vigorously that day hoping to feel better.

He didn’t smoke because he needed nicotine nor because he loved cigarettes but he smoked because he was feeling bad and unable to deal with his bad emotions.

Many people turned into addicts not because they like to take risks or because they want to enjoy their lives but because they were sad and down.

If you were feeling bad and down then you will automatically try to find a way that can make you feel good. The right way to end this problem is to find out why you are feeling bad then deal with the real problem but sadly many people attempt to solve this problem by taking a shortcut such as addition!!

Millions of obese people eat when they feel depressed, stressed, anxious or down then wonder why diet isn’t working for them.

Overeating in such a case can never be stopped unless the person learns how to deal with his bad emotions. Those people don’t need a nutrition expert in order to lose weight but they need a coach who can help them solve their life problems.

Millions of smokers smoke because they can’t tolerate the stress life sends them then wonder why they can’t break this bad habit. Those people need to learn how to manage stress and when they do so their need for cigarettes will diminish automatically.

Yes it’s true; there is a big possibility that you have developed an addiction because you are feeling bad and not satisfied with your life. In the past years every time you found yourself feeling bad you ran to your bad habit but sadly you never realized that the real reason for your bad habit are your unwanted emotions.

Do you understand what this means?
You’re doing this bad habit you’re doing because you are weak, because you can’t face life and because you don’t have any other options other than using a pain killer.

Such a fact might be so hard for you to tolerate and that’s why your subconscious mind was doing its best to keep it away from you. It might also keep trying to prevent you from believing in these facts you just learned just to allow you to escape some more.

During coaching I always find inner resistance from people who don’t want to face the truth and who don’t want to admit that they ever made mistakes. Because it sometimes hurts to admit that you were helpless many people prefer to go on with such a lie rather than admitting the truth.

Your mind might convince you that you are doing this habit because it makes you happy and that’s a perfect example of how the truth can be hidden through self deception.

Yes you do this habit because it makes you feel good but do you know why do you want to feel good?

Because you are already feeling bad!! And that’s why you need a fix!

Some girls believe that they love shopping and that buying new things makes them happy but the truth is that they love shopping because it helps them regulate their mood and feel good about themselves.

If you buy clothes whenever you need them then this is not a problem but if you go shopping without prior goals because you aren’t feeling good then you are using shopping as a way to regulate your mood.

Leaving your credit card or even wallet at home won’t make any difference because unless you deal with your bad mood you will go back home bring your card then make the purchase on a different day.

Had you been strong enough to control your emotions or to even change the circumstances in order to feel better you wouldn’t have ran to such a habit to feel good.

Some habits that involve high risk such as gambling activates the pleasure/reward system in the brain which releases hormones that make people feel good about themselves. Some people have lost their way by claiming that people who stick to such habits are ones who love to take risks but the truth is that the real reason behind wanting more excitement out of life is that your life is already boring!

If your life was happy, full of joy and full of challenges then you wouldn’t have sought more excitement from the outside world, especially through something that has great dangers.

I am sorry if I am saying so much bad news, but this is the truth and I can’t hide it from you anymore, addiction in most cases is weakness.

If you really want to break a bad habit then you must fight the true enemy instead of the wrong one. You must not fight nicotine or drugs but you should fight the life circumstances that spoiled your mood and made you in need of an external pain killer

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