As a result of low self confidence many people never see reality correctly but they just see a reflection of their own beliefs.
If a person who lacks self confidence wasn’t treated in a nice way then he might assume that one who didn’t treat him well didn’t like him while in fact reality might be way different than this meaning he gave to that situation.
Because each situation that a person goes through either lowers or increases his self confidence its extremely important that people learn how to see things correctly so that they don’t mistakenly lower their self confidence.
In this article I will talk about some common situations that most people get incorrectly and as a result lower their self confidence.
Are those people mean? Or are they insecure?
1) Showy people: Most people hate show offs but do you know that people who show off feel overlooked and unnoticed? Showy people don’t show off in front of everyone but they show off in front of the ones they care about their opinion the most! This means that a showy person actually cares about you more than you think!
2) Arrogant people: Some people are unsure of themselves and as a result they decided not to take the risk of rejection by acting in an arrogant way. Some arrogant people are acting that way because they are too afraid to get rejected. Their biggest fear is acting in a friendly way then getting rejected and so they decided to reject others first but being arrogant in order to protect their egos!
3) Aggressive people: Most aggressive people feel insecure. Some of them even have doubts about their own masculinity and that’s why they act in an aggressive way in order to prove to people that they are real men. Again if you interpreted this situation correctly you might feel bad because someone is treating you in a bad way but when you see his real intention you will pity him instead of feeling bad.
4) Critical people: most people feel bad when someone criticizes them in a bad way without realizing people can criticize others out of jealousy or even lack of self confidence. Some people criticize others just to feel good about themselves because they already think that they are less worthy than others. While this is not a good intention by any means still it shows that some people are in need of help and that’s why they criticize others in a bad way. Of course I am not talking about constructive criticism but I am talking about people who criticize others just to make them feel down.
I think its now clear that our incorrect perception of reality can make us see things that don’t exist. Yes some people might treat us in a bad way but if we looked behind their intention we will find that in many cases that they just need help!
Learn how to see reality correctly so that you know how to deal with people perfectly.

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