When you stop and think about it relationship building is at the core of any marketing success experienced online! People for the most part simply do NOT surf net looking for things to spend their money on! Even with the intent to make a purchase folks still need to connect with others in some way before they feel comfortable enough to spend their money. This is why online marketers are more successful when they focus on developing customer loyalty first and foremost!

Here are 3 reasons why the ability to connect with others is the foundation of your marketing success when working online!

The Need to Connect (Engage)

Marketers must learn to actively engage people first before any sales attempts are made. This is typically accomplished by being more giving and helpful and NOT by pushy sales tactics! When you connect with others in this way people are more incline to stick around and see what you got to say! Offering information that is useful or otherwise of interest to folks is a great way to capture their attention. Offering this information for free is a great way to keep their attention!

The Connection Lead to Growth (Build Trust)

Sharing information allows readers the chance to become more familiar with you and over time this helps to build their trust. The marketer in turn comes to understand better what it is people want and how best to deliver it to them! Online marketing success is highly dependent upon effectively communicating with your target audience and this can only be done by them being willing to listen! The trust you are building is increasing their willingness to allow you to deliver your messages.

The Need to Benefit (Everybody Wins)

Most people maintain an attitude of 'what is in it for me' and marketers address this by being helpful or delivering useful content. Readers now benefit since the content is not only informative but also of interest to them. At this point marketers are better able to promote their goods and/or services with an increased effectiveness due to the trust that has been established! Provided that offers deliver the quality promised only strengthens this trust! Now we are talking about the development of customer loyalty which online is like gold since it means repeat sales! In this way everybody now wins!

Relationship building is typically the first step any marketer should take when interacting with potential customers. The ability to connect with others establishes a common ground that makes everybody involved more comfortable. This comfort level helps take the tension out of the sales process thereby increasing the marketing success of the wise merchant who took the time to build the relationship. Assuming that the products offered are of good quality and the sales experience was a positive one, customer loyalty will develop. Now the stage has been set for repeat business provided the customer continues to feel they are benefiting from the relationship and any products or services being offered!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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