This is what I know about you
What if you discovered that your friend’s IQ was very low and that this would never help him succeed in life, will you be able to tell him this fact or will you just avoid hurting him by hiding the truth?

That’s a tough situation especially if you loved that friend so much but what if that friend was you and what if the one who made the discovery was your subconscious mind???

Self deception and luck
Sometimes it hurts the ego much less to believe that life is unfair or to claim that you are unlucky than to admit that you didn’t try hard enough

To some people, especially the ones who don’t understand that success is only a matter of the number of tries, they feel really bad when they fail and so in order to protect their egos they attribute their failures to things such as luck and unfairness of life.

While in fact succeeding in doing anything is all about failing enough times until you manage to do that thing without failing.

Remember when you were a little kid and trying to walk for the first time?
How many times did you fall?
Why didn’t you blame your luck for it?
And why did you keep trying?

Simply because at that time your weren’t taught yet how to blame the circumstances for your faults.

Now remember when your parents started hitting the ground (as if they were punishing it) when you first fell down and hurt your head?

At this point your parents were teaching you indirectly how to blame the ground when you fall!!

But life is sometimes really unfair and there are lucky people
Yes some people were born with tons of resources but they wasted them!!
Some people were born without resources and managed to collected all the resources they wanted

How many poor men became billionaires and how many millionaires lost their money?
I agree that your starting point might depend on fate, fairness of life, luck or whatever you call it but the end point is 100% under your control

You might have been born without any skills but learning new skills is your choice
You might have been born without any luck but changing your life and creating your own luck is up to you.

When I first started my website I believed I had amazing content but my site was unknown for one year. at this point I could have said that life is unfair and I would have stopped working on it but because I believed I deserve to succeed I managed to continue until I reach a point where my website gets above half a million hit per month

I wasn’t lucky at all but I forced my way and created my own luck
You too can do the same because I not a super man but I am just a person who has correct beliefs about life, success and luck

Don’t blame your world but force your way and create your own luck

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