Ophiuchus is called the zodiac constellation number 13. In astrology, it is not recognized as the rest of the constellations, as its southern boundary was assigned to the sign of Scorpio.

3000 years ago, when the Babylonians created the signs of Zodiac, it looked like an ecliptic line; a curved line where the sun rotates. On both sides of it, 12 constellations were located. The constellations were ranging from Aries Pisces with the duration of 30 days.

The hypothesis, during these thousands of years, the procession of the Earth has changed, so the line through which the ecliptic Sun now passes through Ophiuchus in mid-December.

This changes not only affects the number of Zodiac signs but the time covered by each sign. An Ophiuchus is usually assigned from 30 November to 17 December.

Ophiuchus was found on April 17, 1982 from the Mallorcan town of Inca in Spain. The constellation Ophiuchus is very close to the Milky Way on the opposite shoulder of Orion. Ophiuchus is observable during the months of April to October in the two hemispheres.

In the line that moves the sun and planets cross the constellation, Ophiuchus occurs during the first half of December. Its limit was assigned to the sign of Scorpio. It is about 10 degrees towards north of the galactic Ecuador. Ophiuchus stands out as grid surrounded by stars and east; and the west represents the snake.

Ophiuchus is one of the largest constellations. North Ophiuchus is limited to the constellation of Hercules; in the constellation of the west, it is of Snake, Libra and Scorpio. To the east, it is Sagittarius.

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