The in vogue nature of solar contact for increasing good health, increasing bodily and mental strength and therapy for Prana Energy intensification and soul uplifting is as ancient as human birth. In virtually all religions of the world at some time or the other a widespread popularity of solar meditation and worship has been noted. The chief reason for this is that the sun joins our daily living in a very intense manner.

As per scriptural utterances right from the direction, management and control of activities and functions of creation of life on earth to development and post death be it in a direct or subtle manner, is going on thus because of the sun. The sun is said to be the fount of manifestation of the 5 elements that create the body. The most potent amongst the 5 material elements is air which if gets tainted or distorted results in weakness and various diseases. Lest if by controlling it optimally in order to render it terrifically powerful not only can we live a very long healthy life but that right from attaining Ridhi-Sidhis (Divine Powers) to the opening of the gates of heaven is possible.


The Vedas ordain us to perform solar meditation in order to attain Ojas, Tejas, Brahmavarchas (Divine Aura). In Yajurveda (chapter 13, Mantra 43) it has been said that one must worship sun or Savita since it is the witness of all good/bad actions performed by every human being. None of our activities or behavior remains hidden from the sun. The visible and invisible rays of the sun after piercing all problems and walls, gathers news of every particle of the world. This is also a scientific fact. Man either directly or indirectly remains in contact with solar rays because the sun is the very eye of the world.

In both the material and spiritual realm all Rishi texts are full of the all pervasive nature of solar meditation/worship and benefits accruing because of it. In Skand Purana (Kashi Khand, 9/45-48) there is a description of attaining fruits of the 4 categories viz. righteousness, wealth, desires and salvation via solar worship. Solar worship helps us attain wealth, good food, long healthy life, son, animal wealth, all sense objects, heaven etc. In Rigveda there are many episodes of solar meditation wherein prayers are sung for liberation from sins, disease free life, long healthy life, attaining happiness, destruction of one’s enemies, warding off poverty etc. In Mantras of Rigveda (9/995/6 and 90/37/4) and Yajurveda (20/30) etc the sun is said to aid in overcoming bodily and other problems, warding off sins, overcoming dangerous situations, saving us from ill fame and bestowing development and prosperity. In Yajurveda (5/33 and 8/40) it is said that Savita leads the devotee to the Devyaan Marg and render him/her divinely radiant and supreme in all ways.

In the chapters 29-30 of Brahmapurana looking upon the sun as the supremely great deity it is said that other demigods are the sun’s light manifestations and it is said that when one worshiping and meditating on the sun offers anything to sun god devotionally, the latter gives back the same to the solar devotee in manifold measure. Followers of the Solar Sect and devotees of Super Power Gayatri even today worship the sun in its 3 forms. At sunrise in the form of Brahman and its divine energy, at noon as Maheshwar and at sunset in the form if Vishnu it is worshiped. The sun oozes with incomparable imaginative power, inspirer of Sidhis (Divine Powers) inspirer of actions of all and one who bestows a great sharp intellect. In Yajurveda a wonderful description has been given regarding the sun’s beautiful radiant form. The Rishis by bringing it to the level of actual experience have described benefits that accrue from it. In Patanjali Yoga Darshan it is said that by focusing on the sun one gets wisdom of the entire cosmos. Even during ordinary programs of spiritual practices if one does Tratak (one pointed gazing with eyes open) on the sun or else by meditating on the golden rising sun the devotee attains the divine 3rd eye with the help of which if one sees anyone one can gauge that person’s material nature and all incidences that have taken place in his/her life. One can also thus attain knowledge of far off objects, incidences and subtle movements taking place in the womb of nature.


By meditating/worshiping Savita deity (sun) one can fulfill one’s desires. A lot of proof regarding this can be found in scriptures of yore. In the history of solar meditation one finds mention of famous episodes like Lord Rama gaining victory over demon Ravan and Samba getting liberated from the leprosy disease. In the Mahabharat epic while mentioning siring of a son via solar worship it is described that mother Kunti who worshiped the sun very devotedly attained the fruit of bearing a son called Karna who was born with an armor and earrings on his body. King Ashwapati by meditating on the sun regularly sired a daughter called Sati Savitri. This daughter later married Satyavan who with her power of intense penance forced Yamaraja the lord of death to give back her husband live who had just died. The great poet seer Kalidas in his wonderful literary work ‘Raghuvansh’ has mentioned about Seeta doing Tratak on the sun when she was dwelling in exile in the forest. Over here it has been stated that Seeta sent a message to her husband Lord Rama that after giving birth to her children in the womb she would meditate on the sun so as to do austerities with one pointed devotion as a result of which she could again become the wife of Lord Rama in her subsequent birth.


JAIN RELIGION: Very much akin to Hinduism in Jainism am Buddhism ever since they came into being solar meditation has been in vogue. The proof of this is solar images found in caves of Bodh Gaya, Bhaja and Orissa. In Jain Agamas especially in ‘Surya Prajnapti’ there is mention of wisdom wealth to be attained with reference to the sun. Similarly in the Agama scripture called ‘Bhagwati’ many such incidences have been detailed from which it becomes clear that many applications of Muni’s spiritual life are related to the sun. They believe that due to proximity to the sun if one imbibes its energy augmentation of strength and radiance in the body, Ojas and Tejas (divine aura) is seen along with Prana Energy becoming very potent. In order to attain divine aura (Tejas) in Jain scriptures ordain devotees to do austerities facing the sun for 6 months and thus imbibe brilliant solar aura and energy. For warding off dire reactions of actions performed and augmenting one’s aura and halo one meditates on the sun or its brilliant rays.

IN GREEK PHILOSOPHY: According to the renowned thinker AB Keith solar meditation is believed to be very ancient in Greek Philosophy. The famous philosopher Galis too has emphasized on the above observation. The Greek philosopher Empodils says that it is the sun who is the creator of this world. He has described the sun as the root fount of fire. Even today in Greece during marriage functions the solar verses or Mantra are chanted. In Rome Sunday is believed to be very holy and it is believed that worship and meditation done on this day gives more beneficial results. According to the great philosopher Theodosian on Sunday one must abstain tasks of dance, musical instruments, music, theater, circus and other forms of entertainment along with gambling, court cases etc.


The illustrious philosopher of China called Li Ki in his book ‘Ki Ao Teh Seng’ opines that the root basis of astrology and astronomy is the sun only. He calls the sun ‘son of heaven’ and by saying that it is the giver of day, knowledge and science has worshiped it.


Similarly in Islam by looking upon the sun as a center (‘ilm ahkam an najum) it is meditated upon and worshiped. As per data unearthed by great historians Emperor Akbar was a solar worshiper. Daily by facing the shining sun he would chant the 1000 names of the sun (Surya Sahasranam) and offer worship to it. He had given a command that in his kingdom daily in early morning hours, noon, sunset and at midnight (totally 4 times) the sun should be worshiped and meditated on. Greece’s Emperor Alexander too was a solar devotee.


In Christian Religion solar worship has an important spot. Regarding it in Christian scriptures (New Testament) a detailed description regarding this is found. Since Sunday belongs to the sun the latter is given a lot of importance by Christians for worship practices. Saint Paul opines that this day rendered holy by the sun it is expected that a lot of charity be given. Christians believe this is a very sacred day to worship Lord Jesus Christ.



While describing the deep import of the sun in Sandhyabhashya it is said that worship of the sun that creates all animate inanimate beings of the world destroys all our sins. It leads our intellect towards the path of divine greatness and truth. The sun is called Savita since it gives zest gives mobility to the world awakens farsighted discrimination and sacred inspiration. In the Super Mantra Gayatri one is exhorted to daily worship that unseen energy principle embedded in the Mantra.


He used to call the sun as the greatest Sanyasi. According to him the sun is the one that illumines everything, giver of sacred inspiration and one bestowing life force. It carries out the task of giving light of wisdom to all and thus this light is the greatest teacher/Guru of the world. By seeking its shelter man can ward off dark spiritual ignorance and 3 fold sorrow. By taking recourse to divine wisdom and farsighted discrimination man can walk on the path of spiritual glory and can also become the lord of material grandeur or Ridhis and spiritual wealth. Meditation and concentration on Savita deity or sun which is the infinite storehouse of knowledge and science is very helpful in worship and other rites.


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