Far too many people subscribe to the belief that they are their body, their identity, their beliefs, etc. Once more, they are seeking individuality — what makes them stand a part from all others.

It is because of this many are constantly living a life of comparison in an effort to create a life or meaning. Yet, what this insinuates is that life lacks meaning to start with and nothing can be further from the truth.

The truth is nothing exists outside of you, that their is no place that you are not, and that all things are projections manifested by you and representative of you.

So, what does this mean exactly?

It means that you are cosmic energy matter and, as such, you are everything … disconnected from nothing.

Have you ever finished someones sentence ? Thought of someone and saw them later in the day ? Picked up the phone before it rang and the party whom you were going to call was on the line ?

These can be described as psychic experiences, but occur because you are already connected to everything.

There is one field of energy that exists and it is called by many names; God, Universal Mind, Christ Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Higher Self, Goddess, etc. Nothing exists outside of this field of consciousness, but like the subconscious mind projects dreams — collective consciousness projects “reality”.

Reality stands for Responding Energy Actively Linking Illusions to You.

So this begs the question, “Responding to what?”

The answer is your thoughts and beliefs. So, energy responds actively to your thoughts and beliefs linking them to you via an illusion you come to call “reality”.

This is why people have different perceptions of reality — “individual” and collective.

Collective reality is when a large group of people subscribe to the same illusion.

So, within the mind of God, we are creating a world to better understand our consciousness and it’s unlimited potential.

Ask yourself why you have projected into “reality” the people in your life. What character trait and lesson are you needing to understand at a deeper level. If every person is reflecting an aspect of you … your understanding of them gives you a greater understanding of yourself.

Hint: We tend to focus on the trait naturally — it’s typically that one thing about the person that you dislike and refuse to acknowledge it exists within yourself. That’s why you project it on to another … so that it reflects back at you to handle.

Most people do what comes natural which is gripe about that trait instead of acknowledging it exists within them and coming to a way to live in harmony with it — to embrace it.

When we begin to interact with everyone and everything, with the knowledge that it is an extension of ourselves, we begin to significantly see a vast improvement in the reality we are creating. What we give to another we undoubtedly give to ourselves.

I have come to realize that life isn’t about me, but rather, about how I interact and help others. After all, the lessons we learn here primarily occur through an interaction with someone. It would stand to reason then that our interactions are very important through the illusion we create called life.

I know from my work as a Psychic Medium, that on our death bed we want to know the answer to the question, “Did I matter ?”

Which really means did I interact with people fully and effectively to make a difference in their lives — Did I help them ? What legacy am I leaving behind ? How will I be remembered ?

So what’s important to us is how we interact with others and I also extend this to pets and our environment.

Are you beginning to see the cosmic reality of your true nature — it is that of God.

Way too many people spend lifetimes searching for God and trying to understand God but, to understand God, is to know thyself. I don’t understand what they are looking for during their search, but God is EVERYWHERE and, like you, there is NO PLACE GOD ISN’T.


Author's Bio: 

William Constantine is a beacon of light guiding others through words of empowerment for over a decade providing a foundation rooted in hands on experience as a professional psychic medium, spiritual and psychic counselor.