The problem of hair loss affects around one-third of the people around the world and both the genders are afflicted with the same rate. The increases rate of hair loss problem predominantly enhances the rate of receiving the procedure of hair transplant in Jaipur and a number of people around the world used to visit India to get the facilities and services of the medical tourism in India. The selection procedure is always being a research-full job that always motivates a patient to do in-depth research regarding practiced Surgeon and the clinic choice. The medical data based on the plastic & the cosmetic surgery procedure revealed this fact that around 70-80% of hair transplant surgery is successfully done in India every year and the satisfaction rate is increasing day-by-day can be best checked by the online portals as well as the offline medium. The relevancy of the hair transplant procedure in India increases as the hair transplant cost easily comes under the budget-cost option that attracts both national and the foreign clients.

The pre-procedure analysis for choosing the best clinic or Surgeon has a major decisive role in getting the success of the procedure. The profound study towards feedback given by the respective patients does matter as it is a parameter to judge about the clinical recognition and Surgeon’s reputation. The medium from where the information is gathered and evaluated is both the online and offline that affect our choice of selection and also provides needed information about the good Surgeon and the clinic. The cost of hair transplant is affected very clearly by the chosen clinic or the Surgeon as the name and recognition of the same does matter for such a sophisticated cosmetic surgery.

How Cost of Hair Transplant does Matter in a review of the Patient is described below:

1. International Patient motivates: The cost factor not only motivate the domestic client/patient to visit the particular clinic, but the international client also give it prime importance while choosing the hair transplant procedure. The review thrives on the reputed portal revealed the fact behind the procedure and getting success in the procedure wholly and solely surgeon’s dependent. While making the comment or posting feedback, the patient also mentions the cost involved for the particular procedure that exemplifies the cost in terms of graft number, state of NW-baldness, type of the practiced technique as well as the chosen clinic or Surgeon. However, it is important to go through the reputed sites, portal, and forum to check the reputation of the chosen clinic and Surgeon as well.

2. The Planning of Restoration Procedure gets Easy: Yes, it is all sure after knowing the hair transplant cost that how is it easily suitable for a patient! The cost helps in planning the further step related to the procedure. The cost of per graft in India generally ranges from Rs.25-120 INR/. The review posted by the former patients cleared many doubts and confusion both in terms of the pre-and post-surgical job.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration is such a plastic & cosmetic surgery that involves the application of both art and science in terms of receiving the best aesthetic outcome of the restoration procedure.

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