Just like there is no action possible without first the idea or thought; there is no great achievement possible without the desire to achieve it. The intensity of your desire is directly proportional to the rate of which any achievement is realised.

If you are able to transform your desire into more of an obsession then you will have no difficulty in convincing your subconscious mind that you are indeed very serious and will achieve your goals,
dreams and desires.
It is when your subconscious mind is convinced of your conviction to achieve is when great things start to happen because your subconscious mind is connected to, and influences your universal realities.


When you convince your subconscious mind of your success, through your desire, obsession, behaviours, actions and re-actions then success comes easier.

The purpose here is to create the desire for absolutely anything and everything you want, and to become so fanatically resolute about acquiring it, that you easily convince your subconscious mind that you must have and will have it, and will never give up no matter what obstacles the universe might put in your way to achieving your desires.

You also need to become wealth conscious. Only the person who conditions their mind to become wealth conscious acquires the wealth that he or she truly desires and works toward. To become wealth conscious means that your subconscious mind has become so comprehensively preoccupied and driven with the desire for success and wealth, that it can see itself already having it and in total control of it. Your mind then learns to expect success and wealth and thus creates success and wealth.

To the sceptical, that have no experience or knowledge of the great potential of the human mind, and prefer to remain stuck in their ways, and wallow in failure, these great laws or principles could seem somewhat unreasonable and unrealistic or impossible. For the sceptical there is only so much you can do to help them break free from the slavery of their failure consciousness, but ultimately it is from their own ability and desire and discipline and action that will break the bonds of their pessimistic and negative mind frames.

To develop the necessary desire, and to bring desire into your quest, you do not need to have any special talents or skills. You just need a bit of faith /belief, discipline, determination and follow-through.
The successful application also requires adequate planning or rather a bit of imagination, so that the mind is able to clearly see, and be able to comprehend, the idea of you amassing great wealth or achieving any kind of success that cannot and will not be left to probability, family fortune, or least of all – to luck

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