Going to the dentist for a biannual checkup is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who have a fear of long, pointy tools. All the more this particular fear increases if such tools are meant to be poked into one’s mouth and teeth! But, because it must be done to maintain good dental health, people would prefer to have it done with someone they can trust and in a place that makes them feel comfortable. With so many dental clinics in Melbourne, choosing the one to go with becomes a challenge that can be overcome if one uses the following criteria to help them in the process:

1. The reputation of the dentist is good. The most important aspect of all is the skills of your dentist. This can be defined in terms of the dentist’s education details, number of years of experience, and reviews from patients. Let’s face it; there are good dental schools and there are bad dental schools. You would prefer to be assessed and/or treated by one who has been trained in the best schools rather than by one who graduated from a fly-by-night establishment. The number of years as a working dentist is also a good indicator—the more years, the better—but not necessarily a reliable one; it should be used in conjunction with the patients’ reviews on his or her performance. Typically, people choose those professionals highly recommended by close friends or family.

2. The location of a dental clinic is convenient. Where a clinic is situated in relation to the other places a person goes to is a factor that can determine compliance of appointment schedules. If it is near the home or work, it makes it easier for him or her to be there for the appointment. Such convenience helps prevent people from making the usual excuses of “It’s too far!” or “The traffic jams are terrible there!” Check out freedomdental.com.au to see how near the place is to your usual hangouts.

3. The environment is safe and clean. If you have lived in the area long, you will know that there are areas with a better reputation than others. A proper dental business owner will not voluntarily set up shop in an area with a bad reputation, so if you find a particular clinic in a disreputable area, you should think twice about registering your name there. It can only be because of one of two reasons, both of them not very attractive: the dentist is not good enough to earn good money to afford the more costly areas in the business districts, or the dentist wants to maximize profits—a mentality not quite appropriate for a dental health professional because it can affect the quality of his or her work. Choose a clinic in a well-appointed area so that you will also feel safe walking or commuting to the place or parking your car nearby.

4. The interiors are calming and comfortable. Many clinics nowadays opt for a soothing dental set-up because they can see just how effective it is in calming down already stressed-out patients. It is best to visit the clinic first and see how you feel before making any formal decisions to register with them. Modern clinics these days like freedomdental.com.au have spa-like interiors for the express purpose of making their patients feel more relaxed and more interested in paying their dentist a visit.

5. The dentist offers many services within the clinic. Aside from your general check-up appointments every six months, you will, at one point, require some additional treatment services that will make your teeth stronger and/or more aesthetically attractive. Register with a clinic that offers plenty of these other services so that you won’t have to go to two clinics and deal with two different dentists.

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Peter Roseberg is an active writer about dental and medical health. His expertise on the topic stems from the experience he gained after many years of working in this industry. He now works as part-time blogger for http://www.freedomdental.com.au