Jason, 45, is a sales manager at a company. Some time ago, due to trade fairs' participation, he had participated in the banquet held by all parties for four or five consecutive days. Gradually, Jason felt that something was wrong with his body. He was frequently urinating with urgency and pain. He got up more often in the night for several days, and his sexual function also appeared to be a problem.

Recently, Jason also felt very uncomfortable. His whole body was chilly, and his lower abdomen was unbearable. Then he went to the hospital for emergency treatment. After examination, he had prostatitis due to excessive alcohol.

Males who drink alcohol a lot should be careful of their prostate.

Blood vessels dilate after drinking, and the prostate is more sensitive to alcohol. Under the stimulation of alcohol, the prostate capillaries dilate and congestion and then promote its edema.

Once the prostate congestion edema, it will significantly affect urination. The direct performance is frequent urine, incomplete urine, weak urine, increased urine at night, etc. Besides, the patient will experience falling and swelling in the lower abdomen.

If symptoms are severe, men may have urinary retention. Therefore, men who have drinking habits and drink for a long time will have prostatitis. It is different from a bacterial inflammatory attack, a physiological reaction caused by repeated hyperemia. Therefore, it is necessary to control alcohol for men to protect the prostate.

Do not want to infect prostatitis, and men should pay attention to several causes.

Of course, in addition to alcohol factors, bacterial factors are not absent. The human anus is the breeding ground of microorganisms. When people ignore personal hygiene and immune function, the bacteria may cause urinary tract infection and invade the prostate along the urethra, thus causing acute prostatitis.

In addition to external bacterial factors, frequent sex can also cause harm to the prostate. It will cause repeated prostate congestion, leading to nonbacterial lesions, just like the hyperemia induced by alcohol stimulation.

On the contrary, if there is no sex for a long time, the prostate will also affect the prostate. Therefore, frequent sexual life and abstinence can all harm the prostate.

For prostatitis caused by bacteria, most antibiotics are effective. And you can feel relief after taking the whole course. In contrast, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is more effective than antibiotics for chronic prostatitis.

In addition, sedentary people, such as drivers and office white-collar workers who do not exercise for a long time are at a high risk of prostate disease due to their lower body congestion, which leads to poor blood circulation.

Prevention of prostatitis

The prevention of prostate disease is essential. In life, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

Smoking cessation and alcohol restriction: smoking can lead to excessive secretion of prostatic fluid, increasing inflammation risk. The repeated congestion of the prostate caused by drinking is also the leading cause of the disease.

To maintain unobstructed defecation: the rectum is directly behind the prostate. Patients with constipation will have fecal retention in the rectum. The bacteria and microorganisms in the feces will cause continuous stimulation around the rectum, and the prostate will also be affected.

Don't be sedentary: sedentary people must be adequately active. Otherwise, it will cause congestion problems.
Don't hold your urine: holding back urine will cause the reflux of urine, and the parasitic bacteria in the urine will flow back to the prostate, which will induce inflammation.

Don't eat spicy food: too much chili will stimulate the prostate, which will cause congestion of the prostate, and then cause a series of prostate lesions.

Generally speaking, proper exercise, regular urination, moderate sex life, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco stimulation are the keys to preventing prostate lesions. Men, move on.

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