The people who make the decisions in any company, large or small, hate cold callers with a passion and they consider them to be one of the biggest time wasters that they know of.

They will often refuse to take your calls because they assume that you will just be wasting their time. End of, they won't even discuss their reasons with you.

But you, the cold caller don't see it from their point of view. You just know that you have something for them and if they can just give you that initial 5 minutes you can change their mind, you just know you can. Just a few short minutes of their time and a 10 minute appointment is all you need, no big deal, just give me the chance.

But lets take a minute just to look at it from their point of view. You will more than likely be just one of many calls they will receive that day, all of them, just like you, requesting just a few minutes of their time. Lets say they get 10 of these calls per day who only want just 5 minutes of their time, can you see how it adds up and why they are so resentful and unwilling to oblige.

They also know that the initial 5 minute call will turn into 10 minutes and that 15 minute meeting will turn into an hour meeting.

They learned all of this within the first week of their first job, they may have even been cold callers themselves in the early stages of their careers so most of them really do know every trick in the book.

Now I know you are not like every other sales person but if you are not careful you will sound like every other sales person. You know the ones I am talking about, they won't take no for an answer, trying to catch you up when you politely say no.

Don't you think it would be a great idea to actually look for that extra special training and advice from successful cold callers of which there are many.

Learn the different techniques to make you stand out from the crowd and come across as someone who the prospect will have pleasure in arranging an appointment with.

So, can you start to see the opportunity here for the cold caller who starts to think out of the box just a little,

Try and think of ways not to come across so pushy and you may find that the prospect actually want to talk to you, wouldn't that make a refreshing change and open up so many opportunities.

So leave the old cold calling tactics to everyone else and you take the road less travelled, the results may pleasantly surprise you.

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