To err is human; making mistakes isn’t a big deal but not correcting them can make you culpable, especially when you are a part of the customer service industry. An incident that took place a few years back is something that every business in this industry should learn from. An agitated customer dials up the call center of the alleged security systems company. He gets in touch with an agent who asks him to call Michelle (one amongst the employees) for resolving the issue. However, when he finally tries to contact the said lady, he discovers that she has left for the day. Soon after this an unending chain of call transfers and hold further infuriated the customer. Now when the customer threatened to sue the business, his records were erased and all the call recordings were deleted; leaving behind no evidence of the said offense.

It is absolutely annoying to stay on line even for three minutes and this customer endured the torture for 3 hours. At last, when he got in touch with an agent named Mark, he was enraged enough to cut throats with his words and so he did. Now, the business decided to erase shreds of evidence and get rid of this complaining customer but an ex-employee stood up against them. He posted the video of the conversation that occurred between the customer care support service agent Mark and this customer online. As you know anything negative that gets online today has the potential to damage reputation of even the most prominent enterprise. The company met the same fate as many organizations go through and the sole reason was negligence towards customer complaints.
If you think that one customer cannot do much harm to an enterprise run by influential and elite people then you are just underestimating someone who holds the reins of the business world. The customer is the cause of establishment and existence of every commercial organization and he does have the capability to destroy the reputation and lead a business to its demise. So, it is absolutely essential to give customer grievances and queries the due priority because nobody is paying to get dissatisfaction in return. In fact, view every customer as an investor; as the smallest contribution matters to even big multinationals. A loss of even 1 customer will affect your business and to stay in business, you shouldn’t let that happen. Rendering great outsource customer care service will benefit you in endless ways and negligence will destroy the business and reputation that took years to build.

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In this article, the author has elaborated an incident of bad customer care support service and how it can affect your business.