This time of year, many of us in the U.S. turn towards the practice of thanks giving –giving thanks. For me, this comes down to a very simple yet fruitful practice, mindfulness. Being mindfully thankful for the simplest gifts of life coupled with sense awareness not only gifts me with the Presence in the present moment, but with a very tangible interconnected thankfulness.

Slowing down and using my senses to be present for as many moments as I can, brings me to a heightened awareness of the simple gifts of life for which I’m thankful.

Feeling the coolness of the air, I am aware of heat in a cold room. I’m thankful.

Seeing the soft light from the lamp on the table, I’m thankful that I can turn a switch and have light.

Taking in a deep easy breath, I’m grateful for lungs that work.

Tasting the velvety tomato sauce covering my leftover lasagna lunch, I’m thankful for easy access to food.

Hearing the phone ring, I’m thankful I can be with my family and friends despite our seeming distance.

Feeling the familiar click of my fingertips on the keyboard and the sound of tap tapping, I’m thankful for your presence in my life. I’m thankful that you read my ramblings. With those of you I’ve met and served, I’m thankful I’ve had the privilege of your trust.

For me, this thankfulness seems to multiply like bunnies in my awareness with each moment more alive than the previous moment. These moments are more alive with Awareness and with gently widening circles of thankfulness that seem to ripple out from the center of my being – like a blossom dropped into a still pool of water.

The partner in this dance of mindful thanksgiving is a blessing that seems to emerge from that center, may others be so blessed as I.

Author's Bio: 

Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W. is an award-winning author, relationship expert, psychotherapist and spiritual coach. She is also the founder of Abhimukti Yoga Coaches - providing coaches training to yoga teachers.