Are you able to drop the negative in your life? I would doubt. How can you drop the darkness? How can you catch the darkness? How? Do you know the device to do it directly? Can you catch the hold of darkness to throw it away? The only way to dissolve the darkness is to bring light into a dark room. Only one question arises: how to bring light? Fortunately, you already have a candle of light. And it is up to you whether you find this candle or not. You just need a bit of watchfulness to realize it.

As far as I am concerned, you cannot directly drop the negative. The negative and the positive are the parts of your mind. How can the dropper drop the dropped? Is it possible? Listen, the more you want to drop something, the more it becomes more and more important and significant for you. That is the basic law of how your mind works for the whole life. The more you fight against something, the more you give it energy. The more you want to throw the negative away from your life, the more you make it important for you. The more you strive to avoid something, the more you make it significant for you. The more you want to reject something, the more you repress and push it into inside. You believe that you have defeated the negative. You believe that you have dropped the negative. But the rejected and the non-accepted will never be defeated. It will be simply pushed into your unconsciousness to wait for the right time to pop up again.

So, instead of fighting with the negative, instead of concentrating on it, instead of avoiding it, why not focus on the positive, life-affirmative and love-affirmative? And because you don't give energy to the negative it dissolves on its own and it drops on its own. Find something intrinsic, something higher, something lighter, which always with you. Find the moments of inner peace, comfort, contentment and relaxation in your life. Every simple thing may transform an ordinary moment of your life into something new, something essential, something miraculous. Walking in the park… The smile of your child… The dance of falling leaves… The whisper of trees… The song of a river… The melody of your childhood… Every simple thing around you may bring this atmosphere… Every simple thing… Suddenly you are pulled into yourself. Suddenly you become the center of the cyclone. Everything whirls and runs around you, but you are not in this run.

What brings these moments of peace? What brings these moments of contentment? The mystery of awareness brings them. The treasure of watchfulness brings them. The relaxation in yourself brings them. The total and full acceptance of yourself brings them. Catch the miraculous atmosphere of these moments. Catch the power of these moments. Spread this inner revelation onto your life. Finding yourself creates this alchemy of transformation of ordinary life into the radiance of a rainbow. Bring a light of awareness into your life. Bring a light of consciousness into your life. Instead of fighting with the negative, instead of repressing the negative, why not focus on awareness that brings so many blissful, positive, life-affirmative and creative moments into your life? Dive into the energy of life!

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist System ™ and the author of several books: "The Sun Freezes Without You™", "The Dancing Physicist System: When Life Dances With You™". He is the Vise-President of cosmeceutical company, Master of Science (MSc) in Theoretical Physics, entrepreneur.