Meditation itself does not need any methods or techniques at all. Meditation is simply alertness to feel the aliveness of your life. Meditation is simply awareness to live fully, deeply and joyfully every second of your life. Meditation is all-inclusive in the spreading of awareness. Neither alertness itself nor awareness needs any technique or method. When you are in a meditative moment of your life, suddenly from nowhere and, at the same time, from everywhere the blissfulness of eternal aliveness shines on you.

Meditation itself is like breathing: you don’t need any techniques to breathe naturally. Natural breathing is inherited into you. But there is one problem… For the whole life many and many suppressions have created an armor around your body, and this armor prevents you from breathing fully, deeply and naturally. So you need some techniques and methods to regain natural breathing. The same is for meditation

Meditation is intrinsic for you. To witness everything passing you just a bit of watchfulness and alertness is needed. Sounds easy? Yes, it is easy… when you know how to transcend your rational, logical mind, when you know how to jump from the run of thoughts, when you know how to dive into the beautiful silence of your inner being.

And this knowledge is not theoretical but existential. Intellectualizing is just intellectualizing. It is of no help in finding yourself. Any words of others, any experience of others may be inspirational for you, any words may be beautiful for you, any words may be interesting for you… but they are just words. Only your own personal experience makes sense!

And at the start of this miraculous odyssey of finding yourself main questions always arise: how to move beyond the mind? How to move beyond the mind’s projections? How to move from this permanent run after many objects of your mind? How to dive into the silence of yourself? How to jump into the emptiness filled with the tremendous saturation of flowing aliveness? How to dissolve into the dancing existence? What methods of meditation to use? What types of meditation to use?

There are so many questions… Do you need to use static meditation? Do you need to use dynamic meditation? What is the main focus of meditation? How to deepen your awareness? How to expand the boundary of your consciousness? What is the difference between consciousness, witnessing and awareness? How much to meditate every day? There are thousands and thousands of questions…

So why are there so many meditation techniques and methods? The reason is very simple: while meditation itself doesn’t need any technique and effort to flow and dissolve into the dancing existence, your disturbed and conditioned mind needs these methods.

Any meditation methods are intended to prepare a jump from your always asking and always thinking mind to your own being, to your inner silence, to your inner peace. All meditation techniques are intended to remove obstacles on the road to such self-realization, such self-finding and self-remembering.

Any method and technique is just preparation for meditation. All techniques are intended to open the door into another dimension. And when the door opens, when the fresh breeze of the higher dimension comes in, you suddenly catch the glimpse of being yourself, of being centered into yourself, of being integrated and undivided. And when you obtain this existential knowing, then any methods of meditation dissolve on its own, right? But before that experience you should use the techniques and methods to open the door.

So do you have your own experience in what I am talking about now? Doubt my words and dive into practicing! Your mind is a powerful device you can use to start exploring the rainbow of reality. Become the master of your mind to turn it on and off, to move beyond it and into it, to jump into inner yourself and come back to the marketplace, to move from the periphery to the center and from the center to the periphery. Direct your mind power to study meditation techniques to finally find yourself. Focus your mind to change your life. Use your mind to create something new in this world. Become the master of your life. Dive into the energy of life!

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist System ™ and the author of several books: "The Sun Freezes Without You™", "The Dancing Physicist System: When Life Dances With You™". He is the Vise-President of cosmeceutical company, Master of Science (MSc) in Theoretical Physics, entrepreneur.