Anger is your intrinsic quality. You are born with this quality,just as you are born with love, compassion, happiness, hate, wonder, fear… Instead of controlling your anger, instead of managing your anger, instead of suppressing your anger, try to deeply understand the roots of your anger.

You have been experiencing anger for many years, for many lives, for many thousands of lives. Is it not the time to jump from the ignorance of anger to the wisdom of awareness? How many lives are you going to postpone the odyssey from outer to inner? How many lives are you going to be ignorant in how to transform the phenomenon of anger into something beautiful and bright arising from your divine nature?

Any moment, when anger starts arising within you, don’t start intellectualizing about it. Don’t make it a philosophical problem. This is an existential phenomenon happening to you. So try to existentially realize it. Dive into inside of this phenomenon: how it starts, how it deepens, how it is expressed, how it is exhausted... And only such a deep existential observation brings clarity.

Remember, I am NOT talking about intellectual understanding of the roots of your anger. I am NOT talking about finding the reasons of your anger… I am not talking about “why’s”… I am talking about existential understanding the phenomenon of your anger. Just a second of existential realization of the deep roots of you ranger brings real transformation. I am talking about “how”…

How to existentially understand this phenomenon? Your anger is a manifestation of energy. Instead of digging into intellectualizing about the reasons of anger, you may dive into the center of your anger right now. You may dive into the source of this energy right now. You just need a bit of watchfulness… Before anger starts bubbling in you, just a second before, becomes aware of the start of it.

And you will realize the mystery of awareness. The miraculous phenomenon really exists: your deepening awareness simply dissolves your anger. It pours out into the blue infinite sky. It pours out into the ocean of existence. Deepening awareness purifies you. You do nothing with your anger. You don’t use any mental techniques to work with your anger. You don’t do anything against your anger. You just watch your anger arising from within. And if you are aware of anger, it starts dissolving… You simply witness how anger comes in and goes out… Dive into this phenomenon. Become aware of it. Move inside the cyclone of anger.

And what will you find in the center of this cyclone? You will realize the great emptiness inside instead of anger on the periphery. But your inner emptiness cleared from anger could not be vacant. It starts filling with the beautiful luminous qualities of love and blissfulness. They flow from nowhere and everywhere. And strangely, when you are aware of love, beauty and sensitivity, they become stronger and deeper. You simply become overwhelmed by them.

This is the true miracle of awareness. And don’t think that they are just words. Don’t think that I am talking to somebody else but not you. I AM TALKING TO YOU! Your beliefs and disbeliefs are not required in the existential journey inside. Just your sensitivity, just your awareness, just your watchfulness to new dimensions and phenomena are required.

Start from anger exploration. Don’t do anything with your anger. Don’t touch it. Don’t drop it. Don’t repress it into unconsciousness. Don’t replace it with positive thinking. Don’t work with the darkness directly. Just bring the light of awareness to dispel the darkness of anger!

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist