As a homeowner, you might be put off by the idea of replacing or updating a new garage door in place of your old one. The confusion is nothing out of the blue and it's perfectly normal for someone to not see the benefits of right away.

You might think that installing a new garage door will prove to make very little difference to the overall renovation project of your home. But, in reality, that is surely not the case. In this article guide, we will not only let you know about the benefits of installing a new garage door but also how to select one for yourself.

The Benefits

If you're considering getting a new garage door, then you should keep in mind that the investment will not only be for your home but also your daily lives as well. It has been reported that replacing your garage doors is one of the easiest and cost-effective renovations that you can carry out. The report stated that almost 84 per cent of all homeowners received an overall greater return on the investment they made on garage door in Perth services.

There are garage doors that come with insulating materials and keeps the garage along with the adjacent rooms warm in cold climates. This makes the whole house energy efficient because you don't have to use your room heater to keep the cold away. There's also the added benefit of security and safety as well - both for you and your family.

The Factors For Choosing One

1. The Overall Size

There is no doubt that garage doors come in a variety of different sizes to choose from. On average, their width stays around eight feet while the length around the same measurements too (the doors could be higher). In a single garage, the door size measures by 8 x 7 feet, while in double-sized garage doors, the size measures 16 x 7 feet. Before selecting the garage door for your home, you need to know the following set of measurements:

The width and height of the garage door.
Overall depth of the garage in your home.
The amount of headroom provided between the garage door and the ceiling.

2. The Insulation

An insulated garage door will naturally keep the garage warm, as it can be useful if the garage is used for any other purposes, like a laundry room or even a workshop. The garage door will cut down on outside noise and also keep the heating costs down too. Therefore, you need to make sure that the model you’re buying comes with insulation.

If the garage door is a single layer door, then there will be no insulation. Dual-layer garage doors will come with some benefits in terms of energy savings. Triple-layer garage doors come with insulating materials such as polyurethane and polystyrene. The insulating material thickness ranges usually between two inches and ten inches.

3. The Material

Garage doors are made from various kinds of materials, including fibreglass, steel, plastic, wood, aluminium, etcetera. They can easily match the style of your home. Every material has its merits and demerits.

For example, steel has immense strength but there is a risk of rusting. Fibreglass, on the other hand, comes with very low maintenance, but in cold climates, the material deteriorates. Wood is a great versatile material but can warp in moist conditions, like in monsoons. Even though aluminium has resistance towards dents, it can cost more. Finally, plastic is lightweight and can be easily obtained, but over time the colours might fade away.

4. The Style And Operation

The style of garage doors depends upon your home. The style can be contemporary, modern or traditional. The panel designs also differ from one to another, where you'll have options like ribbed, flash, short or long. Also, these doors come in a variety of colours as well. From simple white to striking red colour - the options are endless for you to choose.

The garage doors come with either torsion springs or extension springs - for their operations. The extension springs operate on the ceiling and the sides of the doors. Torsion springs, on the other hand, operate above the door.

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