Being a woman, is stereo typically thought of as a limitation for people when pursuing their dreams and wanting to achieve the unthinkable.

However, I am here to tell you that your gender does not limit, rather it invigorates you and can motivate you to become a better person, a more successful person and a person who is comfortable in their own self.

This is why, I have listed down 9 goals in life for a woman that can enable you to live life on your own terms and not on the dictation of society.

But you might ask yourself, why we even need such articles that highlight women specifically and may even be part of the problem in stereotyping women.

Well, there is a simple answer for this, it is not part of the problem to accept the fact that men and women face different realities in life.

Specifically when it comes to their family life and professional goals.

What Are The 9 Must Have Goals In Life For A Woman

In 2021, the International Labor Organization even released stats that in a global scale 72% of men were part of working labor force, while only 47% women were working.

This means that 53% women, more than half the woman around the globe are not part of the labor force.

Having 53% of any labor force unproductive is a losing equation

This is why, with these 9 goals, we have presented you with goals in life for a woman that are filled with ambition, working towards accomplishment and want to achieve something great in life.

Follow What Your Heart Says

How many times have we been compared to other people? It is either your parents or your teacher or even your friends, who look at successful women or a thriving family life of another woman, and compare you to her.

With time, we only learn to live as others think we should be living like, and somewhere along the way forget that we are our own person.

So let this goal remind you that to be yourself is an accomplishment.

Time and time again when society is trying to fit you in a mould, you have to stand up and let them know that you choose to live life on your own terms.

This can mean wanting to focus on your career goal or even ditching your career to start a family, but your main goal must be to listen to yourself and yourself only.

Either it is wearing the color you like the most, dressing in scanty clothes or choosing to show your sexuality, it is your life and therefore your choice.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Making Changes

Can you imagine yourself having the same life goals and long term aspirations at 10 year and at 30? People change and that is the only constant about life.

It is inevitable that your personal goals and aspirations will change as you grow old, but why are you so afraid of following them?

Well if it makes you feel any better, there is a very scientific reason about why we are afraid of change.

According to research, when change occurs it gives the perception that you have no control over the course of your own life, and when we lose control, our mental health can deteriorate, leading to anxious outcomes.

So, next time you are afraid of changing your hair color, remind yourself it is only your brain freaking out over losing control.

Take a deep breath and make it easier for yourself by setting smaller goals because if you remain stagnant, the world will change around you and you might be left behind.

Each Woman Is On Their Own Journey – Don’t Compare!

Coming back to our first goal, growing up in a patriarchal society, genders are given specific goal.

As a woman, you are supposed to be married in your early 20s, become a mother before 30 and in the process leave your career and take care of your children.

On the other hand, if you are a working woman, in your professional life, you are pitted against other women.

It is only natural that women start to see other women as a challenge, and to go forward you have to put other women down.

This is what is shown to us in the movies and a woman being a mentor to other colleagues is unheard of.

God forbid, a woman actually gets happy over the accomplishment of another woman. But isn’t this way of life highly exhausting?

Wouldn’t it be much easier if we all understood that each person has their own life trajectory?

A woman can be married and happy at 21, 31 or 41. She can choose to not have kids before 30 or ditch the family life for her career, it is alright!

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Become Financially Flexible

In market research conducted on the financial sector, it was found that only a tiny percentage of women cared about a thing called financial portfolio.

However, reality is that women being citizens of the modern world, need savings, cost management strategies and investment tactics, as much as any other men.

When you look at goals in life for a woman, you have to focus on financial goals.

This means to set goals like vacations or buying an expensive handbag, but looking at it financially.

Set yourself a savings goal, budget your income and costs, and hold yourself accountable.

To become financially flexible, you must also start investing!

A great investment portfolio is a smart goal that can make it easier for you to reach your financial goals.

As a long term goal, financial flexibility can be a much needed safety net, which can set you up for your retirement.

So, keep in mind, a patriarchal society will have you believe that finances are a man’s thing, but in reality women can be as much involved and even more successful than men.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

You can fight the whole world when trying to achieve your goals, but what happens when you finally achieve your important goal and it does not make you as happy as you had imagined it.

If that happens, then you should know that you have overlooked your mental health.

As women, we are also expected to overlook our mental health over others, our husband and especially our children. But how can a person make everyone else happy, when they are not happy themselves?

This is why, among the personal goals in life for a woman, you have to include one to work on your mental health.

This can mean focusing on your professional goals and seeking accomplishments or taking a break from duties and having a rest.

It depends on you and how you want to work on your mental health, but the bottom line is that you must prioritize your mental health.

You can focus on your religious or spiritual beliefs for your mental health, some women prefer taking a walk in the park, meditate or set health goals like exercise or cycling.

Make a Solo Trip

Did you know that you are twice more likely to take a solo trip if you are a men than if you were a woman!

However, it does make sense that women are not active solo travelers.

As women, we have to worry about our safety and security when traveling and going to a foreign place along, when you don’t speak their language can be daunting, so most of us decide to travel with friends or family.

But, when you solo travel, you can find new aspects about yourself, meet personal growth goals and overcome your fears.

To make it easy, you can begin by taking a short trip to a nearby city or a local museum to gain confidence.

Spend time with yourself and force yourself outside of your comfort zone to become better.

Your Family Counts

You will always see two ends of a spectrum when it comes to empowering women.

One side will completely reject feminism and call it Satan’s work, while the other side will completely look down upon any woman who decides anything other than professional goals and career.

However, to be successful women, it is important to realize that every person has their own unique life and every woman can decide what her definition of success or personal development means.

This is why, the seventh goal in life for a woman is to prioritize their family and loved ones, if that’s what they want.

They can put their family in the front and centre, or achieve a work life balance, without caring about the statistics of women’s labor force percentage and financial equality between the two genders.

If that’s what makes you happy, then you do you!

Self-Care Time Is Important

Irrespective of what you want, whether it is to be a successful woman with professional goals or focus on your family life, there is one aspect that all women have in common; taking time out for themselves.

Being burdened by any kind of work can burn you out, and if you are already suffering with burnout, then you know that you have little interest or motivation to get work done.

In the long term, burn out can also have serious consequences on your health.

So, primary goal in life for a women is to have self-care sessions.

You can pamper yourself and go to the spa or have one at home, but make sure to do your skincare, take a long shower, eat a hearty meal and let yourself sleep in, if that’s what you are craving.

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As Cliché As It Might Sound : Love Yourself.

Our society is obsessed with happily ever after’s.

The chick flick craze of the 2000s has left us thinking that a woman’s only purpose in life is to find a guy to fall in love with.

Then once you have fallen in love, you put all your energy and resources into building that relationship and making a family together.

I am not hating on this trope of love and family, but let’s be honest, not every woman has the same life story as a chick flick.

One thing, however, which we can all do regardless of what our life stories are, is to love our self.

Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is essential for women to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life.

Achieving balance means finding time for work and career advancement, while also making time for family, friends, and personal pursuits.

Women often face unique challenges in finding balance, such as societal expectations and discrimination in the workplace.

However, there are steps that can be taken to achieve balance, such as setting clear boundaries, delegating tasks, and practicing self-care.

It's also important to advocate for policies that support work-life balance, such as flexible work arrangements and parental leave.

By prioritizing balance, women can lead fulfilling and successful lives both at home and at work.

Parting Thoughts

With all the inconsistencies, flaws and bad habits that you might have, set a goal to be kind to yourself and love yourself.

Now that you have read all the 9 goals, I don’t suggest you make a quick start and do a goal setting process for all these goals.

No! That would not be helpful at all and it will only add more pressure.

Go through the list , be your own life coach and pick 2-3 goals you love the most and start to incorporate them in your routine in this year and learn to make your own decisions.

By the end of the year, as you look back and you have incorporated even 1 goal successfully, you will know that you have made an achievement and have achieved your set goal , worth being a life goal for a woman.

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