Eyelash extensions have become very fashionable recently and for good reason. The semi-permanent lashes now in use look very natural looking great and won't fall off during embarrassing moments. So what happens when you have eyelash extensions?

A reputable salon will make sure you get tested before treatment to make sure you are not allergic to the glue used to hold your lashes in place. After a day or two, you will be able to continue your treatment. I've been to several places for eyelash extensions and they all seem to follow the same process, although only the most professional insisted on a patch test before treatment. What you should also know, and is not always said, is that you should remove your contact lenses before treatment and leave them out for a few hours afterward.

I will discuss the treatment I received in my favorite salon, where I will keep coming back as I get the best service and best value for money. When you go to your treatment, you will lie on a bed in a warm and quiet room or sit in a large, comfortable recliner. You will then have the lower lashes glued together smoothly to prevent them from sticking between the upper and lower lashes. After this, the individual "La femme" lashes are bonded with super strong glue to their own natural lashes. Depending on the look you are looking for, you can spread each tab or just one in three for a more natural look. Obviously this is a slow process, but once again, the salon I go to is so experienced that I can do a full set of tabs in an hour. I have been to other classrooms where it took me more than two hours to get the same result! So be sure to ask the therapist how long it will take beforehand. You don't want to have to rush in the middle of treatment to pick up kids from school with half your lashes done, do you?

After the required number of lashes has been applied, you will see that your eyes are bigger, younger, and one hundred percent more attractive. You will probably be amazed at how comfortable the lashes are and you can go swimming, showering etc. without falling off! However, leave them on for around twenty-four hours before wetting them and when cleaning your face use an oil-free makeup remover. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SQ6HYX3

After treatment, you can use mascara, although I must confess that I love mascara, so I still use it, but I have done it with DreamWeave mascara that strengthens your natural lashes while enhancing your lash extensions. Most accredited salons store this as it is incredibly popular

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