The Democrats are becoming impatient over the foreclosure issue with Obama. The legislators of California are annoyed and put extra pressure on the Obama government to become more aggressive about helping the troubled homeowners of the state.

Displaying political strength the move was a reminder to Obama that he has caused many of his allies to be disenchanted with him. The House Democrats coming from all parts of California State took part in public rally for implementation of increased efforts to ward off the menace of foreclosures. Rep Doris Matsui (Democrat/Sacramento) said, “California has been ground zero from the beginning; and it has been too long”.

Together with thirty one other Democrats from California House, Matsui penned a letter to the President urging him to take more action in refinancing of mortgages, reducing rate of interest and in general streamlining the help process.

The suggestions were nationally applicable and would be of special benefit in other states suffering from high numbers of foreclosure – Florida, Idaho and Georgia. In 2010 the lenders had posted foreclosure notices numbering 3.8 million – it being a record as per ReatlyTrac.

Obama has offered assistance. In his much hyped job speech of last September he included a sentence about this foreclosure issue. But the legislators are complaining that nothing has been done to follow it up since then. The Californians made it a point to note that they still have not been able to meet Vice President Joseph Biden; it has been six months since they made their initial request.

Rep Dennis Cardoza (Democrat/Merced) said, “The problems we are facing are exacerbated by the fact that the administration has simply not gotten it right, over and over and over”. Among the Democrats only two refrained from signing. Minority leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi has never been involved in delegation-letters. Rep Maxine Waters (Democrat/Los Angeles) also did not sign.

Further focusing on their troubles, fifteen of the Democrats called for a news conference to repeat their request asking for help. The Californians in turns described the efforts of the administration in dealing with the problem as “tepid”, “defensive”, “not focused”, “failed consistently” or “total lack of urgency”.

The chairperson of the Democratic delegation Rep Zoe Lofgren said, “Our economy will not improve until the housing sector gets better”.

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