You drive that very long drive to the old neighborhood. You see all the familiar surroundings along the way. We are getting closer to our destination; we are still 10 miles away and are already seeing the signs of destruction. There is a line of trees that have been uprooted and stripped of branches, signs blown over and half torn. I have an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it gets worse as we drive.

We reach our exit and as we drive into town, it is half gone. Nothing remains but widespread pieces of people's lives. As we get out of our car and walk around, there is an eerie calmness; people are walking around in shock and disbelief. Some have lost nothing while others have lost so much. You can see the devastation everywhere. The local high school has been made into a make shift homeless shelter for those whose homes were destroyed.

This is the example of a tornado. Devastation comes is so many forms, either by nature or man-made. It doesn't matter if by tornado, tsunami, floods, or war, the impact is the same. The loss of life cannot be regained. Buildings can be rebuilt, most things broken can be mended, but our souls will carry the devastation with us, we won't forget.

In this modern day of technology our old story telling days have been replaced with viral lives. Take a picture at any event and share it with a social networking group. At least some pictures are saved this way. We still have to sit down and share those stories, explain who is in the pictures that you don't know, relatives that you have never met. Because in the midst of devastation, precious photos and prized keepsakes might not remain.

When I think about the devastation there are a couple of words that come to mind, among others, they are strength and bonding. You muster up whatever inner strength you have left and start to help find others and find what's left of you. In times of turmoil, grief, and despair comes hope, people come to our aid. Some travel far to help out, some are our dear neighbors. In a place of devastation strangers meet to lend a helping hand. People pray together and cry together, and make peace with their maker. Through their hugs and tears and prayers, they start to rebuild their lives.

I'm sending a special prayer to all the victims of all types of devastation. A gentle hug sent your way.

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