Some people prefer these ways :

1. Consume a healthy diet. Surgeon-Captain T. L. Cleave's "The Saccharine Disease" reveals the addition of refined sugar leads to diabetes and atherosclerosis. Cultures that avoid a high-sugar, high-fat diet, have reduced rates of diabetes than cultures that eat the typical Western diet.

Limiting processed sugar and simple carbohydrates can help balance blood sugar. A smart diet for balancing blood sugar levels is 1/4 protein, 1/4 complex carbohydrates and 1/2 non-starch vegetables. Fats that contain efa's are healthier than transfats, but should be consumed in a small amount.

2. Avoid most American white foods: white sugar, white flour, white bread and white rice. Instead, reach for leafy greens, squash, tomatoes, radishes, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini and other colorful, non-starch vegetables. The brighter and more colorful the food, the higher the mineral and vitamin content and the better it's for you.

3. Exercise regularly. Exercise can lower blood glucose. recommends that you simply check your glucose levels before, during and after exercise; tracking blood sugar levels can help prevent blood sugar levels fluctuations while you learn how your body responds to exercise.

Physical activity lowers your blood sugar levels and increases your sensitivity to insulin (this means you do not need just as much insulin while you would without exercise).

4. Consume gymnema sylvestre. The name of this Indian herb means "sugar destroyer." Consuming this herb in the raw form or like a supplement helps reduce sugar cravings and also the absorption of sugar. In a recent article Intelegen Inc. indicated that gymnema reduces blood sugar as it raises levels of insulin. Research indicates that gymnema stimulates the development of beta cells in the pancreas, literally rebuilding the pancreas from the back to front.

5. Supplement with chromium picolinate. This supplement helps with digestion and boosts the efficiency of insulin by moving blood sugar to the cells where it may burned. According to Healthier Talk, most Americans are deficient in chromium.

6. Season your food with cinnamon. According to an article on Healthier Talk, investigators in the Maryland-based Human Nutrition Research Center discovered that consuming cinnamon improves blood sugar levels by increasing glucose metabolism.

For some reason, it seems rather difficult for most people to perform, but you don't worry because there are more creative methods to do it.

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