I would like to help clarify and hopefully provide some insight about the differences regarding the meanings of the term “Psychic” and the term “Medium.” These two abilities are not the same, nor are they used for the same reason.

For clarification the definitions are:

• Psychic – One that through their own abilities can tune in to and sense (read) information found in the energetic field of another person.
• Medium – One that connects with those in the Spirit world and brings through information from them, either with direct communication with the communicator (spirit person), or working with their Spirit guide or guides.
• All Mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are Mediums.

Both psychics and mediums can provide valid and beneficial information.

What are Mediumistic Messages? Attuning to and connecting with those in the Spiritual world to bring through evidential information that will provide proof of the Spirit individual that has come forth to speak. A Medium works directly with and for Spirit. Your friends and loved ones in the formless energy state decide when and if they are ready and wanting to come through, and they will never tell you what to do or give predictions. They will bring evidence, love, guidance and messages, in their own way and to the best of their current ability. Also, please understand that a specific person you desire to speak with may not be the one that comes through. They may not be ready to communicate yet. Just because they have made their transition does not mean they quickly evolve. They are very much the same person as when they were here. Those on the other side that are here to assist you may have something you “need” to hear and that can take precedence over want you “want” to hear or who you wish to hear it from. ALL spirit communication should be treated with respect and of great significance. Always come to your reading with an open mind and heart, and an appreciation for what is to transpire!

You should seek out an authentic and evidential Medium to connect with a loved one that has made their transition back to spirit, for grief management, comfort, closure, assurance that they are doing fine, or just to know they are able to connect with you.

What is an Intuitive/Psychic Reading? While aligning with the energy field of the sitter, the aura of an individual and universal energy, interpreting this energy and using that information to assist in comprehension of one’s life situation. A psychic works directly with living and universal energy and can intuit information and provide insights and options that may prove to be beneficial.
You should seek out an authentic Psychic when you would like information, clarification and options regarding your personal life, love and relationships, finances, career or things pertaining to your life experience now.

Understanding the differences and benefits of these two abilities may help you in your choice and direction when considering either to assist you on your life journey.

Author's Bio: 

I am an evidential Medium, Spiritual Life Coach and educator at ContinuityofLife.com