Many tend to approach the idea of developing a business online with the thoughts that their efforts will be quickly rewarded! Actually this is true when creating businesses simply because building websites or blog takes very little time! However when you're looking to actually develop something that will turn a profit both time and patience will be needed, and in great abundance! While the creative process requires less discipline and is more fun, the development process involves a great deal of problem solving and decision making! Does that sound fun to you?

Let's break down 3 significant difference you'll find between creating businesses quickly or developing something that will actually turn a profit!

Time Invested

The creation process involves simply establishing an online presence while the development stages of most businesses requires building relationships, credibility and trust! Obviously the developmental process calls for time and patience for it to be successful while the creation process happens much more quickly! Although the 'instant gratification' of literally slapping up a website or blog is appealing it will NOT in most cases turn a profit for you!

Creativity vs. 'Grunt' Work

Creating websites or blogs can be a lot more fun and exciting to do compared to the more detail oriented 'grunt' work involved in trying to turn a profit! The development of any type of online business will almost in every case consist of much problem solving and decision making and both can be stressful! The fact is this is why so many tend to 'wash out' in their efforts to earn an income online!

The Bottom Line

Businesses that actually turn a profit are ones that have been tested, and tweaked with much attention paid to detail! Creation places more emphasis on appearance insofar as design goes and merely establishes a 'potential' means for you to earn an income! The bottom line is one approach does nothing more than to simply take up a bit of internet real estate, while the other can actually pay the bills! What bottom line are you looking to achieve?

Many mistake the difference between developing a business online and merely creating a presence by building a website or blog! This results in their disappointment and sometimes them even giving up when their efforts don't turn a profit! The point here is without realistic expectations and the willingness to invest the time and patience needed you can't expect to succeed working online! The 3 difference discussed above between the creation or the development of any internet businesses are fairly clear! In order to really turn a profit online you must be receptive to the fact that problem solving and decision making will most definitely be a significant part of the process!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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