Positive thinkers and dreamers
Being a positive thinker is one among the most popular advice people give everywhere for dealing with bad moods. From amateur bloggers to PHD holders, everyone tends to talk about the benefits of positive thinking in a way or another.

I do agree that positive thinking is effective and that it can give you a mood lift but what I don’t agree with is how everyone defines positive thinking according to his own perspective. Some people claim that positive thinking is the solution to all mood problems and that those thoughts alone are what can prevent you from feeling bad and save you from depression. This is totally wrong because the more you depend on thoughts instead of actions the more you will be becoming a dreamer

Positive thinkers work their way through their problems and try to maintain a healthy pattern of thoughts that helps them withstand bad situations, dreamers on the other hand, stay in bed then try to solve their problems by thinking positively.

If you are ignoring your problems or if you don’t have enough courage to face your fears then positive thinking won’t help on but instead you might lose hope as the time passes then become depressed.

Dealing with bad moods and especially depression requires strong actions and hard work instead of just simple modifications to thinking patterns. Positive thinking is very powerful and can help you along your way but depending on it alone will only result in disappointment.

Isn’t there a white night?
Just as we lose hope when we become depressed we become full of hope that someone might show up and save up, the hope we have this time is not that our plans work but its rather the hope that somebody will show out of no where and help us!!

Some people start hoping that conditions might change while others start to wait for some kind of a savoir who helps them out. Whether it’s a white night, a wise man or close friend people keep waiting and waiting for that figure but he never shows up.

Our moods are our responsibilities, our patters of thinking and our coping strategies are what resulted in our current feelings now. Its our actions, behaviors and decisions that led us to experience such feelings and nothing else. The idea of waiting for a white night provides a great relief to people because for them it means that they have done their homework and the only task they should be doing now is waiting.

While this defense mechanism appears to be powerful as it removes all the guilt and the regret a person has, still it helps the person see himself as victim and not as one who has control over his life. Once you see your self as victim you will accept the worst conditions in the world without moving a finger to face them or to get out of them.

The white night you are waiting for will never show up, those people you are expecting to help you might not even notice you and the savior you are waiting for will never come.
In dealing with bad moods you are the white night, you are your own savior and you are the only one who can help yourself get out of this.

I do believe in God, I have even wrote a book that provides scientific proofs for the existence of God but I don’t believe in staying in bed then waiting for an angel to help you with your problems. Pray to God as much as you want but do it while taking actions, while working and while doing the best you can to help yourself.

If you really want to see the white night who can save you go to the nearest mirror and take a look, there you will find the reflection of the only person who can help you fight your bad feelings, which Is you.

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