Generic drugs are defined as substitutes or a bioequivalent of branded drugs with respect to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. A medicine can only be termed as generic if it is made up of the same chemical composition at the same strength and it has to meet the same pharmaceutical standard of preparation. Generic drugs are consumed in similar dosage pattern, strength, safety precautions as its innovator brand.

Many big pharmaceutical companies are beginning to manufacture their own generic medicine to preempt the expiry of their patent. Patent lifetime differs from country to country and also it differs for different medicines. There is no such process where you can renew a patent once it has expired.

The choice between generic vs original drugs can be difficult. Both should be comparable in their interactions and effects once inside the body. It is still best to consult a medical professional before choosing one over the other. Inquire whether or not generics would achieve the same effect as brand-name drugs with a doctor before making a purchase. However, the availability of these cheap drugs is a welcome relief during this time of change in the healthcare system.

In online pharmacy, one can get branded and generic drugs at competitive prices with discounts on popular drugs. Drugs ordered through online pharmacy reach a customer's home very quickly. One good tip about choosing an online pharmacy is to select one that has competitive prices, online support, and live help.

Buying generic drugs online is in trend. But if you are among those who are still looking for reasons to opt for online shopping, then this article is for you. In this fast-paced era, one wants everything according to his/her convenience. Technology makes it possible for us. Let it be the payment of important bills, any bank related work, conference calls, or mere shopping; now we can do everything simply by switching on the laptop.

As additional generic manufacturer market the product they continue to full but more slowly, for products that attracts. A large number of the generic manufacturer, the average price falls to 20% of the branded costs and lower.

Across the country, peoples such as the RIA are entering the regulations just to double their costs, and in some cases by 1,000 percent or more so fierce and unexpected for some generics, that the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging has an above-average impact has been hearing late last year to investigate the person remains disputed.

Generics have the same active ingredients as their eponymous brand names. They also have the same effects, side effects and risks, but generics are usually significantly cheaper than their brand alternatives. When a drug is first developed, there is only a revision of the brand name.

Generic medicines must look different than the branded medicines. This means that they can differ in size, shape, color and marking. They also have inactive ingredients other than the proprietary medicinal product, as the therapeutic effect of a medicinal product is based solely on the active substance compared with those imitating brand name statics patients initiating generic statics were more likely to other and had a lower rate of a composite clinical outcome.

Every medicine has an approves generic name, If several companies each makes it will also be the brand name and also have one or more brand names. That can sometimes lead to confusion.

This newest trend in online shopping is taking a toll, and drug stores have tried its hand with this new trend. Now many online pharmacies deal with generic prescribed as well as over the counter (OTC) medications. But why to risk our health and buy generic drugs online, when we can simply purchase it from the local medical store? Here are some reasons for you.

Reasons to Buy Generic Drugs Online reputed Prescription Drug Store

Variety in Options

Purchasing medications online give us a number of options. This makes it easy for choosing the appropriate medicament depending on the health problem one is suffering from. In addition, one can also check some other factors too that related to medicines, such as dosage, ingredients, as well as prices to get a basic idea before initiating the purchase.

All-Time Availability

Availability is never to doubt while buying generic drugs online. It is simply because we buy generic drugs directly from the popular pharma companies in large quantities.

Convenience Factor

The topmost reason why you should prefer buying generic drugs online to the local drug store is the convenience factor you may receive. You do not have to visit a local pharmacy personally and avoid all the hustle bustle involved. You merely need to browse through our website and find the medicine and then place the order. After ordering, you need to relax back at home and wait for the product to be delivered at your doorstep within pre-estimated time.

Affordable Prices

One more reason to choose online shopping is the pocket-friendly prices. Our prescription drug store purchase medicinal drugs directly from the leading drug manufacturers in bulk. This keeps all the middle agents and third parties, which are normally included in the business. This way, we are able to sell medicines at far par rate. Along with this, you might get a number of discount policies and other offers, which could further on making your shopping more economical.


All the orders and transactions made in FairPrice RX prescription drug store  are kept confidential, so you need not worry about any online infringements or leakage of any information to the third party. Moreover, we take care to use the latest security techniques to make sure that personal details and orders briefs are kept safe.

These are some of the basic benefits you can get while purchasing medicine from the prescription drug store. Along with this, if you want to make any query about orders or transactions, then you can turn to the customer care department of our online drug stores. These well-trained representatives are experts in dealing with any kind of issues and solving them within least possible time. So try this new trend of online shopping for purchasing drugs too, and get them delivered at your doorsteps with an enormous amount of convenience.

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